Roll For Wounds paints more goons (BATG 2023)

Ahh, the blissful reset. This year will be more human-centric than the last as I go through the Bretonnians/Tileans that tanked my '22 score.

Still, there are a smattering of Chorfs to paint. I’m currently converting 25x50mm bull centaurs for my Ravening Hordes army. Then there’s the small matter of a Lamassu - oh and hobgoblins. Always more hobgoblins…

Added to pile: 0 (long may it last)
Painted: 0


Good start to the year. Besides a full unit of Paymaster’s bodyguard, the rest were odd jobs. All fun, all colourful, and glad I’ve got some terrain under my belt for upcoming siege battles.

To my shame, no chaos dwarfs painted so far. That will change!

January 2023

  • 24 x Paymaster’s Bodyguard
  • 3 x Slayers
  • 1 x Scenic tomb cover

February 2023

  • 1 x Wyvern
  • 1 x Asarnil proxy
  • 1 x Dwarf heroine
  • 3 x Buildings

Total so far: -34


Oh I am so far behind maintaining this :weary: updates to trickle in…

March 2023

21 painted, 13 bought.

10 x Hammerers
A royal pain the backside to paint, given they’re mostly metal. But I am glad they’re ready to take over from my thin, gnome-like Oathmark models.

9 x ogres
I love these guys - prime muscle for my Dogs of War army.

1 x Pirate Chorf
The Purple Reign takes to the seas! I see this theme growing arms and legs. @Reaver 's influence must be rubbing off.

+1 x bear man. I have not taken a pic of him, though rest assured he exists. Unveiling to come as I touch up his unit.


April 2023

  • 10 x Centaurs

As seen in the Purple Reign. Loved making these guys, painting them less so. Mighty chuffed to finally have cav-sized centaurs in my army. I am terrified to field them in battle; I’m well aware of ‘new model syndrome’…

  • 1 x Goblin shaman
  • 1 x little savage orc
    Cuties. He’s barely an orc :heart_eyes:

  • 2 x orc heroes

Savage Orc with Ogre arms and a mid-air Shaman. What’s not to love?
(not counting boar which had already been painted)

And yet, a local gaming convention set me back 17 beautiful miniatures, so in spite of my painting it’s a +3 for April. Well worth the setback!