Project paint stuff BATG 2023

Howdy all fellow @BATG_Warriors

Lessons learnt from last year have been learned…or have they? Let’s find out :smiley:

As mentioned on FOMO thread from 2022 I’m very happy with the purchases added (or not added) and I’m looking this year to push the painted part of this long project after ending the year with too few options to play games or fill cabinets.

I had the most success a little while back when setting myself a monthly goal, the plan for last year’s lack of adding to the pile and the year befores monthly painting plans will help move these projects along.

So first up in January, AoS game set for 25th January at a 1000pts and the plan is to get the new Slaves to Darkness on the board. I’ve got everything laid out, there is 1 purchase involved in this so if I can paint more than 1 I’ll be in the minus already :beer:

So here are the test minis I’m looking to get to 1000pts soon, already seen before but more on the way


I’m not even gonna pretend I didn’t just utter an “oh my gawd” out loud when I saw these


Yeah, those are some of the best looking snow bases I’ve seen, nevermind the awesome paintjob on the minis. :drooling_face:

And the fact you let snow get up on the minis as well just seals the deal. :handshake:


Many thanks my friends.

Thank for the kind words on the snow bases too, really tried hard to get those right as the Red Armour, snow and blood that will eventually be added on will be the stand out points on this army so I’ve paid less attention to other areas like the metallics and other details.

Another update from today is a WIP of the big dude, got to have a monster in there right, is it Warhammer if there is not?? :grin:


These are some absolutely gorgeous models, @GhraskDragh !


Stunning colors and application, and those snow bases are jaw dropping! Beautiful work, Sir. If you ever have time and interest to do it, a tutorial on how you achieve those wonderful snow base effects would be very well received.


Thank you kindly Mr Swift, I can certainly do that as the project goes on this month :hatoff:

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@BATG_Warriors January has some good progress, was attempting to be done with a 1000pts of Chaos Warriors by the 25th to, as the goal is for 2023, get some finished minis to play a game. I fell slightly short but have did finish 10 Warriors, Furmi… the Ogre and 2 Knights. Which was plenty to play a game of WarCry :partying_face:

Having only ever played this game once before was really looking forward to giving it a go, first time ever playing for my friend and we had an absolute blast! WarCry I think will definitely become a regular now.

So this means not only am I well on my way to 2023 goal of having minis finished to actually play games with it also means I really enjoy painting up what’s left for the end of the month without it feeling rushed. Always fun.

I will also look to get that basing step by step done by end of January too, I think it will be surprising how easy it is to get these bases so I will make sure it’s in there :+1:t2:


Excellent progress, mate! Got some models painted, used them in a new game which was fun, excitement for the year, what a month!


@GhraskDragh glad to hear, WarCry is a great game for when you dont really have the time/space/energy for bigger war-games. :slight_smile:


@tjub 100%, we could have got more games in if we had wanted to, it’s so quick and easy to learn I think this will be the majority of our gaming this year.

Posting my BATG progress now as I’m done for January.

As I mentioned above goal was to get gaming so before any number go in it’s a victory to have played with these minis already this month woop woop

So close to a 1000pts, just some touch ups and 2.5 Knights to go.

Very tempted to push for 2000pts next month, maybe I’ll take a break though and do something different.

Also apologies @Jackswift I didn’t manage to get a step by step done for the snow bases, maybe I’ll try tonight but I’ll get that done soon too

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 15

:arrow_right: Net Score: -15

Overall 2023

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 15

:arrow_right: Net Score: -15


They look amazing. A beautiful result for January! @GhraskDragh absolutely no worries on the step by step, so many things take so much time where hobby is concerned, that one learns to have patience. There are always other models and projects to take up time and attention.




Onto February

I’m trying to choose a force for 40k and failing miserably, so as I enjoyed WarCry so much last month I thought I’d do another Warband whilst I decide on 40k

First test model completed

Wanted to try a skin tone I saw someone do a little while back on an Ork from Kill Team, mixed in with some yellow I figure these guys hang out in a desert/grasslands area which I’ll try and do for the base

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Test models are for testing, so I changed it :grimacing:


What a lovely Boy Scout. I see he’s earned two knot tying badges on his shield.


Interesting scheme! Always something new and different coming from you.