2022 (FOMO 😉) BATG thread

Do I know what is going on… No!

Do I want to miss out on what everyone is doing… No!

Then let’s do this thing


Ok peeps now I get it and I’m on board, perfect excuse and method to really get stuck into the back log.
I can see there are a couple of different goals out there, which is great, I’m going to keep mine purely keep the number of painted minis more than my minis bought. Ideally by a considerable amount but hey, we all how that can go :grimacing: in an ideal world I’ve got more than enough to keep me going until we see Oathbreakers

Minis Bought: 0

Minis Painted: 0


I’ll add you to the list.

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And we are off to the races for 2022

Kill Team thread

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Well Mantic Miniatures has just put a right hole in this bucket… Walking Dead game is being sold off and discontinued, will be all gone by March and I could get £170 worth if stuff for just £100.
If hadn’t signed up to this I think I would have bought these already but I genuinely font want to go 50models down 2 days into 2022 :man_facepalming:


Haha I was seduced by a going away sale for Walking Dead as well… Didn’t go in as hard as you (already have a load of unpainted zombies) but still +10 or something for me…

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