40k Kill Team Blog (BATG 2022)

Kill Team Project Log

Kicking off 2022 by getting back to the monthly goals and at the same time moving towards the BATG 2022 challenge and getting some grey plastic painted.

I’ve been army painting for a little while now so for this month I wanted to try and improve what I’m painting rather than just get it down to play some games with.

With that in mind went for a cleaner take on the Ork half of the Kill Team box…


First blood for BATG 2022 :slight_smile:

Love those Commandorks, great skin tone. Looking forward


Many thanks, this month is not going to be a big impact on the number of minis painted but I’m hoping to level up a bit the skill level. I’ll have other months that will up the numbers :hatoff:


I’ve been looking at a way of including the cool orange theme that came with Octarius and the cool Ork dice I picked up at the same time as the box.

There are limited options but 1 I really liked was was putting these guys in orange prison drab, thinking that these guys have escaped from an Imperial prison and are now ‘at large’ ala Guardians of the Galaxy.
If I can do it right I think it’ll add to the character of these guys, not that they needed it.

Do you guys know of any cool transfers/decals that would make for good prison garb here? A lot of them just have tshirt and trousers so painting them orange on its own isn’t going to stand out as much as if they were in jumpsuits which is making think I’ll need to add something to hammer home the look.

Anyone know any good transfer sheets for this?


This is an excellent idea, I love that!

Mhmm unfortunately I don’t have any transfer sheets or so, but I would definitely put these A-Team font style numbers on the back, or maybe some kind of barcode?


Yes! This absolutely what I was talking about, barcode is a great shout. A-Team style font is what I had mind too but haven’t been able to find any

The Green Team, Guardians of the Waaagh!, The G-Team :thinking:


I think what you need are stencils in the right size. Maybe some like these?

Not sure where you’re based, but a well sorted (online) hobby shop should carry some

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@Jasko thanks for the heads up with those, still looking for some decals mind, for easy of application I’d like to get some and I’m sure the right ones are out there somewhere.


Got a couple of test pieces done tonight for the terrain.

Very much want the minis front and centre so not a lot of colours for this…blend in as much as possible is the plan, I’ll probably put one or 2 more colours in here mind


Oh sure, I mean this is really not too far fetched, I’m sure there is sufficient demand for these letters and numbers as decals. Will be great!