2022 (FOMO 😉) BATG thread

Do I know what is going on… No!

Do I want to miss out on what everyone is doing… No!

Then let’s do this thing


Ok peeps now I get it and I’m on board, perfect excuse and method to really get stuck into the back log.
I can see there are a couple of different goals out there, which is great, I’m going to keep mine purely keep the number of painted minis more than my minis bought. Ideally by a considerable amount but hey, we all how that can go :grimacing: in an ideal world I’ve got more than enough to keep me going until we see Oathbreakers

:arrow_up: Additions: 10
:arrow_down: Painted: 0
:arrow_right: Net score: +10


I’ll add you to the list.

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And we are off to the races for 2022

Kill Team thread

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Well Mantic Miniatures has just put a right hole in this bucket… Walking Dead game is being sold off and discontinued, will be all gone by March and I could get £170 worth if stuff for just £100.
If hadn’t signed up to this I think I would have bought these already but I genuinely font want to go 50models down 2 days into 2022 :man_facepalming:


Haha I was seduced by a going away sale for Walking Dead as well… Didn’t go in as hard as you (already have a load of unpainted zombies) but still +10 or something for me…

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BATG update as January nears its end.

So full of promise was the start of the month, had a really good test model going for Kill Team but could not stop looking at my December completed AoS Stormcast.

My AoS partner in crime had bought some new monsters for his Kruleboyz and couldn’t fit them into a 750pt list which was all the motivation I needed to give in the urge to take my 750pt Stormcast up to 1500 and so I started to put together and complete that list

You may also spot here that I had bit of tidy up. I found that my desk was feeling very crowded and ultimately found it a bit silly that 80% of my desk was taken up by paints I’m only ever using a couple of at a time so I cleared them all into boxes (for now) and the plan is to only take out the current paints needed to help keep clear space clear mind.

Great start then, on my way into a playable army whilst clearing out the grey, Hashut be praised…until Nurgle paid us a visit :sick: thankfully not the Great Unclean that’s going around (all tests negative though I’m not convinced) my wife in particular got a really nasty chest infection and I had to take over a lot of looking after her and the boys. My wife rides off most illnesses so when she’s out on the settee she is bad.

All in all its not left much time for January as we are only now back on track and back up and about. I may be tempted for a last push and see if I can pull off this Stormcast army but we’ll see.

@bas_2312 I did manage to resist the Walking Dead temptation so although I’ve not painted much I have not added to pile…so far :wink:

@BATG_Warriors good luck with your first month’s as we near the end.

Hopefully will be around a bit more now :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


I feel I do want to still post what I have done, grouped as it’s been from a few separate threads which I will update individually with the completed stuff.

Although I didn’t get anything over the finishing line (don’t think I will by the end of the day) I did still get a lot done, most things 80-90% done.

So I’ve got the option for a strong February still. I’d like to complete my AoS stuff, Stormcast and ‘Sons of Darkness’ projects soon and get gaming with them

I also found an old Chaos mini I’d love to add the the army but couldn’t find all the bits so I had to improvise a little


First tally on February chart is up and thank the force it’s in the right direction :cd1991gif:

February thus far

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 7

:arrow_right: Net score: -7



Although I’m hoping to get more done I’ll update this for now just incase

Got lots of Star Wars done which was a lovely surprise for February, I may well continue this into March

Thankfully when 4 mags of Imperium came through only 1 mini was for me :grin::partying_face:

:arrow_up: Additions: 1
:arrow_down: Painted: 11

:arrow_right: Net score: -10

As I said February isn’t over yet so I’m hoping I’ll have another update on this soon


Got a few more Star Wars minis done for February scores below;

February update

:arrow_up: Additions: 1
:arrow_down: Painted: 14

:arrow_right: Net Score: -13

Overall 2022

:arrow_up: Additions: 11
:arrow_down: Painted: 14

:arrow_right: Net Score: - 3


Well this one of the easier updates;

March update

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 6 (including Golden Hat not yet counted)

:arrow_right: Net Score: -6

Overall 2022

:arrow_up: Additions: 11
:arrow_down: Painted: 20

:arrow_right: Net Score: -9


First mini of April all done, it’s a +1 and -1 all at the same time

A friend of mine printed out one of Alex’s amazing Dwarfs, this guy was genuinely so much fun paint I can’t say enough good things



Can’t believe April has come and gone already, a bit of an unintentional hiatus for me actually, hobby wise got back into the Horus Heresy books in prep for HH 2.0 but really not sure about how far in I’m going to go to that.

So all in all after the above Dwarf I got a bit of enthusiasm for Kill Team and started the Death Korps

Before I got distracted by HH and did a couple of test models

So that’s all lead to this 1-2 week break I’ve been having. Thankfully Imperium magazine was kind to me again and I only got 1 Admech mini added, all these HH stuff are old minis

I’ll be back to it soon I’m sure

:arrow_up: Additions: 2
:arrow_down: Painted: 7

:arrow_right: Net Score: -5

Overall 2022

:arrow_up: Additions: 13
:arrow_down: Painted: 27

:arrow_right: Net Score: -14


Wow mate… these are sexy! Can i have them?

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Thank you!
:grin: you like the white and black Luna Wolf he’s yours :+1:t2:

Haha, honestly i like all you stuff! You paint very clean grimdark

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Beautiful DKoK and 30k marines.

Brilliantly painted, I’m a big fan of your style

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Wow… Beautiful work. The orange glow on that plasma gun is quite incredible!

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You make me want to buy that upcoming Horus Heresy box set. Don’t tempt me with more grey for my pile! ;p

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Not much hobby going on down in my part of South Wales, a lot of anticipation though for the set that arrived recently.

I’ve updated the spreadsheet to show the new Age of Darkness Box I’ve added to the pile and the single mini finished in return :man_facepalming:t2::grin:

Onwards with balancing out the numbers but I must admit I’m in no rush, there are no other purchases on the horizon for me largely thanks to the BATG mindset so I’m looking forward to painting up a new Sons of Horus army bringing together a lot of minis I have here that aren’t part of any unifying project.

For the Warmaster!

:arrow_up: Additions: 54
:arrow_down: Painted: 1

:arrow_right: Net Score: +53

Overall 2022

:arrow_up: Additions: 69
:arrow_down: Painted: 31

:arrow_right: Net Score: +38