2022 (FOMO 😉) BATG thread

But seriously that looks awesome. The eye on the chestplate is chef’s kiss


Hello there,

Long time no speak.

Hope all has been well here with yourselves and loved ones.

I’ve ran out of likes for the day, I shall have to catch up on other projects around the site when I can give the kudos that is deserved.

Hobby wise I am in pretty much the same place as months ago :smiley: personally it’s been a bit difficult, COVID playing it’s part among other things

I’ve been really enjoying Heresy, my initial love for Sons of Horus (a scheme I’ve been desperate to do for years and years, even trying it on Chaos Dwarfs and Warriors of Chaos just to get it out of my system) was a little dimmed by the wave of Sons of Horus armies out there. Amazing though they are.

So I branched off to try something different, Loyalist Death Guard, but it soon became apparent after getting into the first unit that they weren’t where my passion layed. So back to Sons of Horus it was

So I’ve mainly been building an army over the last couples months based around Abaddon. If it’s ok with the @BATG_Warriors I’ll update the end of this month with everything from the last couple of months. Only new additions being the few from the now cancelled Imperium Subscription.

It’s nice to see the progress people have been making around here and some rather stunning entries to our competitions


Sure man, go for it. I have barely painted the last 3 months. Summer heat and vacations kind of killed my motivation.

It is slowly starting to recover and i suspect there will be a boost in the last 2 or 3 months from my.

Just record what you have done jn the last few months in youll be fine.

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Thank you dude, it’s been great spending so much time with kids over summer holidays, definitely a nice reason to have a break from painting.

I forgot to post the test mini I did do, my thoughts were they’ve repainted their Dusk Raider scheme after the Betrayal of Mortarion. Maybe I’ll do a kill team of them one day


That looks AMAZING!

If I hadn’t picked Sons of Horus I would definitely be painting Death Guard :smiley:


There’s nothing better than a strong concept


Mate your work on gritty and believable armour is unsurpassed- lovely work

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Cheers guys, very kind of you.

Now I’m back onto the Sons and have a list and plan set out the en masses painting can start.

Here’s how the finish test mini ended up, a little heavy on parts of the oil wash but other than that I’m happy enough with it