Flagellation 4 Silver Sins (BATG2022)

Purchased: 4
Painted: 5
In-Progress: 10
Total: -1

When I first rejoined the minis scene I prided myself on keeping my pile of shame quite small. But then came Chaos Dwarfs. And then came 2020. And now I have amassed a backlog that is promising to explode if I keep piling on projects at the past year’s pace. So here I come for all that paintless pewter!

This will likely mostly mirror my (soon to come) Chaos Dwarf proper blog but will also serve to capture my Saga and Stargrave projects. Looking forward to the challenge!


Post reserved for WIPS

Post reserved for completed entries

Starting the year off with some purchases because I am an incorrigible collector. 2 marauder orcs to finish off my slave unit, a skeleton to go towards an undead Saga warband, and a Dark Elf because I’m a sucker.

That said I am currently layering/highlighting a unit of archers for my lords of the wild Saga warband and they should be finished soon!


First completed entry!

I had just finished base coating my Lords of the Wild list for Saga last year and am going through and doing layers and highlights at the beginning of this year because I’m forcing myself to finish (painting) projects before starting new ones. Fully painted armies from now on! But because of that though I’m counting all my LotW at half points. So here’s a -5 to the score!