Reaver's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

It comes in the Chalice Dungeon Box to be specific. I really enjoyed painting that model, one of my favorites in the whole 200+ minis. It certainly has chorfitude written all over it, does make me wonder what a head swap would look like!


After witnessing the death throes of Mergo’s Wet Nurse, the echoing lullaby fades throughout the lunarium… a haunting few breaths later the cries of the infant great one cease… and the Nightmare ends.

One more boss defeated from the grey horde. Accompanied by easily the quickest start to finish effort on another full box of Bloodborne.

Mergo’s Loft can now be played with fully painted minis.


Servants of the Healing Church. Gloomy and lumbering, decidedly still grey.

Some much needed progress on the main game, which will be embarrassingly one of the last to be complete.


Zen-riddle: If in a battle against the grey a model is painted with absolute perfection, but still mostly grey, is it really a battle against the grey?


The grey and I have a very symbiotic relationship. No questions there.


Zodd be praised. I dipped 1/16th of a singular toe into the garden of @Zoddtheimmortal and here are the results. Considering these being by far the least exciting undead in the big ol’ box I unearthed, I’m happy with how they have risen into unlife again.

Gave a crack at pastel violet and am pretty pleased with my first experiment in DIY verdigris paint, aka Nihalighkahkfnghf’ucksaké oxide.

Here’s a video for anyone looking to save untold bucksonsoon and subvert GW garbagenado paint pricing. Really similar to DIY wash recipe and good for ghostly effects too.

Thanks @KhamdrimSkyMaster for ad hoc freehand prompt ideas. I noped the swan pretty hard though.


Those look great! Amazing how well the sculpts hold up when they get a good paint job on them


They look great. Lovely start to your undead army. Purple is maybe the best evil colour ?

Before you know it pastel pinks, purples and blues will be your go to colours…


Thanks Zodd! Lots of practice to get to before I land on the Manticore project

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I have a lot of affection for these old sculpts and you’ve done them justice. Love that champion in particular, great job!


Tackling the biggest skeleton I own early in the year.


Hobby hangouts come through again. These poor neglectanids finally made it across the finish line. For years they progressed slowly on circumstance alone. They are the last Nids in my collection and will be useful in filling out warrior squads that weren’t quite optimal due to second hand models not having all the weapon options.

Tried to give a slight boost to the scheme I started as a kid. It was fun to revisit for just a few models including this Neurothrope kitbash which filled another hole in my army. Tyranids are one of the best canvases for bits bashing and I think any future nids that arise will be scratched together from the bits box.


These are fantastic, very cool scheme and what a cool thing that it’s the same as from when you were younger :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

I’m hoping Nids get a Kill Team update soon


Damn these came out sexy!


4 easiest models from Bloodborne, Gravekeeper Scorpions. Lots more bugs yet to go.


Undead Mr. Gibbs and the zombie squad have come to party like it’s the 80s. Mostly minis from the box-o-dead I acquired last year, the characterful sculpts put these near the front of the queue, a surprising feat for zombies.

I added a Dark Eldar Warp Beast with a prosthetic club leg since I was missing bits (neglected parts from an old mystery box). A mage knight marsh zombie upper torso, a classic Gravestone, and some green stuff roller maggots rounded out the minimal converting effort.

And here they are ranked up. Up next for undead, 12 Crypt Ghouls are primed but not basecoated… yet…


These are perfect. Great work as always Jared. Smashing the battle against the grey without skipping on quality


excellent use of deldar war beast, those things are too derpy for their original use, but just right with the undead


I honestly had no idea what it was. Somebody on Discord had to enlighten me

Amazing work, like Oxy said it’s so impressive to get this much done at such high quality