Red and Green Contrast Paints

This is predominantly looking at my Star Wars Legion miniatures as I seem to be painting them almost exclusively with Contrast Paints, but they may come in handy for my Chaos Dwarfs.

Essentially, I’m struggling to choose between Creed Camo and Militarum Green - primary use will be on the coats of my Rebel Troopers at this stage (so far, Aggaros Dunes on trousers is all I have).

I’m also not sure which red to get (Flesh Tearers and Blood Angels). I’m hoping that using it with silver metals (trying out mixed in and just over the top) will give me the red-metal look that my pots of Screaming Bell made me think of (when it was first released 8 years ago!) - that’s for my Chaos Dwarfs as hoping to use it on Infernal Ironsworn. That said, may well use it on my special weapons Stormtroopers (like the flamer in Mandalorian) and considering trying with Black Templar for parts of Vader or Imperial lenses.

Anyone have experience, preferences, recommendations etc, please?


Flesh tearers red is v effective for a dark rich red.
It is thick tho like painting with strawberry jam. These dudes had their armour painted with it. It was highlighted with blood red (Wazdakka red now I believe?)

Militarum green is a lovely paint to use. Covers well and gives a naturally Olivey green.

This orc skin is millitarum green with screaming skill mixed with millatarum green for highlights.

I’ve never used the other two paints you mention tho.


None with contrast paints unfortunately, yet to dip my toe into that one thick coat of paint… dipping the toe in is how you do it right? :thinking:

The millitarum green @Oxymandias used there :point_up_2:t2: looks ready good, I could see that looking good running around forest moons and such :grin:


Thanks for the examples and telling me the highlights too! Really nice job on those models too :slight_smile: quite correct that Wazdakka Red is the replacement for Blood Red too. Worked at GW when the changeover happened.

@GhraskDragh, could near enough dip the whole model in :wink: a little experimentation will take you a long way, but I found painting thick and making sure there’s loads in the recesses (like overloading a wash to the point of tide marks) is the way to go.

I think I’m in agreement with Militarum Green after seeing the above. As lovely as that deep red is, I think I’ll want Blood Angels Red for the Star Wars Legion stuff. Probably the Flesh Tearers Red for my Chaos Dwarfs. Odd, considering I was debating getting both greens and one red,but now I’ve switched, haha!


I wouldn’t know about those kinds of paints, I use craft acrylics from the local store which are much cheaper! I then mix in various other paints like oils and water colours depending on what effect I want to create. The only branded paints I use are Army Painter washes which are really quite nice.

I’ve ended up buying both greens, both reds and Wyldwood. My opinions seem to be as fluid as the paint themselves, haha.

I’ll be using Creed Camo for the most part on my Star Wars Legion models. Maybe using the Militarum Green on the helmets.
(Edit: I misremembered which way the greens are: I’m using Militarum Green for the jackets.)

The Wyldwood will be belts and boots (possibly gloves). Maybe also the centre part of their helmets (giving a similar look to the Endor helmets in the film).

Flesh Tearers Red seems to be my favourite for most stuff, although I think I’m sticking to Blood Angels Red for heavy trooper markings.

I’ll take some pictures of tests later and post them up.

I’ve continued work on my two Rebel Troopers squads (minus one Duros), progressing slowly and in awful lighting (especially for pictures) as it’s night shifts mode at the moment.

Anyway, here’s before tonight’s efforts (which ended up being just tidying everything up):

As you can see, I’ve gone for Wyldwood belts and boots and straps and gloves, Aggaros Dunes trousers, Telessar Blue shirts (and the odd set of sleeves or hoods for those showing less), Guilliman Flesh skin, and the guns are Stormhost Silver with Black Templar over the top, all over Corax White. Militarum Green will be for jackets, unsure on colour for backpacks yet, but these might note squad - alternatively, helmets will. One of these may yet be one of the reds (likely helmets out of the two), but I may just be trying to make use of them. I may still use Creed Camo on one element, but not sure the two greens will look nice together - tests to come.

Also, you can see how untidy I am here:

And a before:

But some of the problems looked like shadows when I took the picture, so some crude circles to highlight the worst areas:

Then, lastly, an after - need a clean canvas for the green, after all:

You can see some pouches might need a touch up now, but we’ll see. Something I’m very much learning is that painting order differs drastically with Contrasts - it’s better to paint the darkest colours first. If you go over a dark colour with a lighter one, you won’t notice too much, but a darker one on top is much more obvious. A quick basepaint touch up negates the darkness in one coat and gives a clean and tidy slate.

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Also, swinging all the way back to one of my original points for this thread: Screaming Bell metallic Red effect (except Screaming Bell is coppery, lol). I think I’ve found the combination closest to what I’m happy with after some tests on a random Uruk-hai Berzerker.

I started by painting him in quarters - front was Sycorax Bronze on the flaming brand side and Leadbelcher on the two-handed sword side.

I then halved those, by doing Flesh Tearers Red in the too and Blood Angels Red on the bottom. The rear was Screaming Bell on the flaming brand side and Balthasar Gold on the two-handed sword side.

I appreciate it can be quite hard to see the differences, I was in a rush with sending to some friends and hadn’t caught daylight in a few days (night shifts) and didn’t have access to a better window at the time.

Anyway, net result looks like Flesh Tearers Red over Screaming Bell and I plan to use it on my Iron Guard.

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