Roll For Wounds paints more goons (BATG 2023)

April 2023

  • 10 x Centaurs

As seen in the Purple Reign. Loved making these guys, painting them less so. Mighty chuffed to finally have cav-sized centaurs in my army. I am terrified to field them in battle; I’m well aware of ‘new model syndrome’…

  • 1 x Goblin shaman
  • 1 x little savage orc
    Cuties. He’s barely an orc :heart_eyes:

  • 2 x orc heroes

Savage Orc with Ogre arms and a mid-air Shaman. What’s not to love?
(not counting boar which had already been painted)

And yet, a local gaming convention set me back 17 beautiful miniatures, so in spite of my painting it’s a +3 for April. Well worth the setback!