Russian alternative arrived in the mail!

It took two solid months to get from Russia to Australia, and the Russian post office worryingly had no updates on their progress for about 6 weeks.

Sergey from Russian Alternative was very quick to respond to my emails about shipping delays, and even though he said delays are very common now, he still offered to refund or resend my order, if i wanted him to.

Great guy. Great company. Love the models. Very happy with everything about Russian Alternative.

Now… I just have to figure out how i want to paint them. Goblin green bases, or modern style…?


That is a nice haul! Beautiful models and wonderful people to deal with, defs getting some more in the future.
Mine took 6 weeks to get to NSW and it is hard to say where the delays occur, although, on some tracked items I have seen them sit in Australian customs for over 2 weeks without moving, yet other things breeze through.

Mine are still only partially painted, trying to go old school with them but not sure if I am completely happy with my colour scheme yet, I really need to take a break from printing and pick up the brushes again so I can see what they turn out like in 90’s colours… printing is just so damn addictive!!! Have not updated my BATG in a while and it is going to look pretty sad when I do, I estimate an extra 100+ against me


It’s a long way from kislev to us here in Oz.
Goblin green bases and bright red uniforms for the early 90s retro look for the paint job


See… I really do want to embrace the goblin green bases. I even have three pots of goblin green from the 90s, just sitting there, begging to be used.

but then again, I love Age of Sigmar, and unless I’m setting my guys in the Realm of Life, I can’t see Goblin Green bases being thematically appropriate (I’m really thinking the Realm of Metal).

I bought some Dark Elves in around 2010, hoping to relive the nostalgia of my 1995 Dark Elves, but even with the goblin green bases, they just didn’t hit the right feels. Maybe I should leave goblin green for actual old-hammer, and for everything else just paint era appropriate paintschemes


The whole basing problem is a real issue. I have learnt from mistakes mostly and try and do same basing regardless of army now as many units could be used in different armies. Trolls ogres goblins giants etc. Its good to have them interchangeable.

Congrats on your great haul gilgamesh. I just ordered dwarf ox carts from america today (to northern ireland) so i will have a similar uncomfortable wait


Well you could always do 2 base types and attach with blu-tac haha


Hey, I still use Goblin Green (with blue-grey Shadow Grey sand) for all my vanilla Dwarf bases regardless of era or company, and it feels right. :tongue:

Do what you think looks best. Goblin Green is a jolly colour, and is good for blending in with a likewise happy green battlefield, but black bases or some similar dark colour usually looks better and distracts less from the miniature at the end of the day. As a sucker for colour, I don’t mind the Goblin Green base sides at all, but I use black base sides for my CDs.



Where do you get your goblin green from ? I ran out years ago. I dread the day my foundation paints run out (it is close) my fav paints ever!


Cellar storage. I’ve got too many Goblin Greens and Blood Reds. Most of he greens are still in good shape, and they don’t see as much use as dark greys and browns. It might be possible to get something very similar, or even identical, from some manufacturer or another. Perhaps Warcolours?


A freaking rat stole my foundation red and ate through the plastic, found it when installing my new cupboards, was soooo pissed off! I loved the foundation series


i’m “contrast paint level lazy”

One set of bases is enough work for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those old pots never seem to dry out. I’ve had mine since '96, and a friend gave me some of his stash a while back too. I was still using them about 5 years ago for my 40k Ork skin tones.

Otherwise, I bought Coat d’Arms Goblin Green. It seems to be a pretty good analogue for the old Citadel stuff.


The late 90s/early 2000s pots can dry out. Some keep fresh no matter the decade, others dried out and cracked long ago, despite all my efforts to mix in water and clean out the threads. It’s all been a wild roulette, unpredictable and with no logical explanation behind the random chance.

Goblin Green, Enchanted Blue and Snot Green are great survivors. I just wish I could say the same for paints like Bubonic Brown, Jade Green, Scorched Brown, Storm Blue and many others. :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with contrast paints. They’re a a tool like any other, and a great tool at that, a real breakthrough for mass-painting minis and allowing beginners to achieve a good standard faster. A friend of mine, who is a very good and careful painter with a mastery of lots of techniques, nowadays paint his red cloaks with contrast paints and a little edge highlight to finish it off.

“Why should I spend more time to paint, shade and glaze with lots of layers, when I acheives a better result with contrast paints on the cloaks?” he asked.

Foundation Paints, Washes and Contrast Paints are all excellent steps forward. But I wish GW brought back their monstrously strong inks, because I would like to achieve the same stark shading for many of my paintjobs (our useful inks spilled out or were used up long ago, some oddball niche ones may remain). I really miss brown ink, blue ink, red ink and black ink.

The paint bottles Citadel used in the 1980s do seem to never dry out. They were constructed differently, and designed to keep their contents forever. I’ve heard a number of veterans describe how they open the bottles after several decades, and they’re fresh like yesterday, all of them.


I too really missed gw black ink but i was recommended this one. Suits me very well



Absolutely! My various enchanted blue pots were such troopers!! Outlasted my paint directly from the pot Tyranid days with fervent zeal.