Russian Alternative - Kdaii design choices. Vote now!

@Russian-Alternative are holding a poll over on our discord server about which design kdaii fireborn they should produce! Come and vote on your fav :slight_smile:

See the pinned messages in the new releases section of our discord!


I like a lot 1 and the bulkiness of 6, with the head of 3
But overall #1 is my winner

My beardling and I chose number 5 - he has good taste,
Thank you @Russian-Alternative

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To be clear I believe this is a poll for lesser kdaii of the general fireborn variety. A smallish unit of ~3 entities. Perhaps with some build options.

I’m a fan of 1 and 5. I think it would be cool to have mixtures of legged and non legged. One thing we discussed on the podcast is that it’s tough to have diverse units of fireborn as repetitive flames are easy to spot. A mixture like that could fit the bill!

Regardless of the end configuration I’m excited by the aesthetic in the concept art

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Same. It would be an interesting mix, and I’d definitely snatch some of these.

Edited - good spot @Reaver

Wow, cool! Guess my pic would be #3, I like the “bull-likeness” and hat. Though for body design I prefer #5.


#1 with the head of #3
…it’s definitely no easy task to make sculptures/miniatures that appeal to all tastes.
Ask 100 people, you’re likely to get 100 different answers.