Scored some Big Hats

Nice little haul:


Not bad! What era had green blisters? I remember yellow and red, but not green. :slight_smile:

That’s a great haul! Especially the middle top one, very hard to find in good condition :ok_hand:t2:

Not sure what era the green blisters are from, but I have a bunch of them and the red too. Not so many of the yellow packs if any. I’ll get em out for a pic, I need to start painting them.

Yes the top middle- I’ve seen them for sale but pretty gritty, this one is super super clean.

Nice one! Some classic models there!!!

Were these open blisters? The champion and one axeman are in the wrong blisters.

I’m guessing that these are US blisters since the axemen are two to a blister, while the UK had three. Sometime around 5th edition, they stopped printing the price on the labels during 4th (too many price rises to keep up with!).

There are a lot of recasts of the top middle guy around, so you might have actually got an original if it is so clean.

Yep, I think on eBay, they were in the correct packages, but must have fell apart and I think he put them back in the wrong one and taped it. Here is a better shot of the one guy:


Such a beautiful sculpt :heart_eyes: