Selling 80s unreleased siege gun and hobgoblins on ebay


This is the rarest miniature in my collection and I’m quite nervous about selling it. I’d be happiest if I thought it was going to someone who actually plays Chaos Dwarfs…

I’m selling the ‘asscannon’ siege gun that I bought back in the late 80s. Although unreleased, I lived close to Nottingham and the local shop where I bought miniatures sometimes got rare stuff like this (and the crap Dark Elf chariot that didn’t go together properly).…pg=&_from=

I’m also selling some Oglah Khan’s hobgoblins, Ghazak Khan and some 90s hobgob infantry. I have quite a few more Oglah Khan wolfriders (abandoned plan to make a Mournghul Horde army) which I’ll be putting up in the next few weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions.




That cannon went cheap!