Selling everything except Dwarves?

Greetings, comrades.

I am in love with Chaos Dwarfs and Dwarfs since early 90s, and as you can imagine, I have been accumulating all kind of miniatures and armies in all these hobby years.

I have many 50l plastic boxes full of unopened/unassembled/unpainted models, like 3 oldhammer armies (Dwarfs, CD, Bretonia), 4 AoS, and 3 and a half 40k ones.

I am tempted to sell everything except my Dwarfs (good and evil), and my beloved Space Wolfs, both my first armies in the hobby, so many years ago.

I see those boxes, and it would be a hard job to take pics, make lists, trying to sell and finally send it all. But I would get space and some money to enlarge the remaining armies.

Do you think it would be a good idea? Would I just buy again the next new shiny army? Do any of you have this very same problem?

A tough call… can be rough to get rid of stuff but also liberating at times. I got into ebaying slowly by helping a friend sell some Skaven and Eldar which eventually grew into selling bits, kits, and even some painted models from both of our collections. It helps to justify future spending, there’s no doubt, but it can also be nice to buy a kit just for a few bits and be able to make back your money selling the rest (really makes those “start collecting” kits more appetizing).

It’s for sure a lot of startup effort to get the selling wheels turning, but I feel like it’s helped free me up a little to focus on what I want to be painting. At least that’s how it happened for me…


I for one agree, and would see it as focusing your collection…
If you can sell it in armies that would be easiest but probably generate less cash in the end. Personally its all about revitalizing and focusing the hobby so I have no problem selling of stuff just to get rid of it.


Thanks a lot for your help. Finally I am going to sell a lot of things, but I will keep old Bretonnia too.

I concur with what Reaver laid out. I have sold numerous models, armies, etc., on eBay over the years, when looking for funding for new game models, laptop, whatever else is needed. I’ve even picked up large lots on eBay or Bartertown (when I knew what I’m looking at, and current going rates), and pieced them out to smaller lots to be resold for 2 to 4 times the original outlay. The caveat is that you tend to make the most money when you sell in smaller lots, but smaller lots require multiple times the work to list and package and more shipping costs. Another piece of advice is be patient. If your price is reasonable, it will almost always sell eventually. I’ve had some lots list for 3-4 months before selling. One more thing, if you plan on listing numerous lots (200+ ish), or very high cost armies, local tax law may start to apply to your revenue at some point, so look into that if relevant. Finally, if your not sure you will not want it later, don’t sell it. There was one army that I wish I had not sold. Cheers, and good luck.

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