Silentjoe's Incredibly slow showcase

Thought you all might be interested to see what my collection actually looks like. Having just sorted it all out I can confidently say, I have a problem.

I could probably also pay off my mortgage with it.

So thats, 3 foot lord, 2 foot sorcerers, 2 astrogoths, Taurus lord, 2 Tau’ruks, 3 Khans on wolves, 25 Warriors, 48(!) Blunderbusses, 4 command sets, 9 Bull centaurs, 70 Hobgoblins (Wonderful Fabelzel prints), 2 Iron Daemons, Skullcracker, 4 Deathshriekers, 2 Dreadquakes, 2 Hellcannons (Cannon of Khorne), 3 Magma cannons (old Flame cannons w/Deathshrieker crewmen), 2 Asscannon remakes and a K’daii Destroyer.

The second Pic is what im using in a 2500 game of 8th tomorrow :slight_smile:


Painted a little fella to keep the rest of the herd in check.


Look at that fella!! What a legend!

Lovely army mate, really enjoying this

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Damn! Showing 2 khorne cannon like it’s nothing at all!
Ahauhaua what a blast!
Literally :shed: