Smiddy's AoS Legion of Azgorh

Hi All

With Legion of Azgorh moving to legends in Age of Sigmar it’s finally time to call this little lot done. It wouldn’t be a legal list because of all the characters, but its 2,780 points worth of the evil stunties. They have been on the table since AoS 1 and got to their first tournament in AoS 3, but needless to say struggle agains current armies, so looking forward to the Oathbreakers!

1 Taur’ruk
5 Daemonsmiths (including the limited editions :drooling_face: )
1 Standard Bearer (castellan backpack)
2 Castellan (1 alt model)
1 Shar’tor

20 Fireglaives
30 Ironsworn
9 K’daai

3 Bull Centaur Renders

1 Magma Cannon
1 Deathshrieker

1 Balewind Vortex


These look amazing! Fantastic job on the Balewind Vortex. These are all incredible.

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Bang up job!


Amazing job, well done.

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Really a nice little troupe, beautiful models and great painting! :hatoff:


I also echo the compliments on here mate, great army that hopefully you will be able to pick up again one day :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

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Thanks all!

A very impressive force! I would love to see more units in detail!

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Sure, I have been on vacation for a bit, but have some free time this week.

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Few more close ups.


Wow lovely stuff, that Taur’ruk I think may be the best one from the range

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