Space Dwarf Bikers 28mm by Bob Olley & Macrocosm Miniatures

Not strictly Chaos Squats, but these “alien flavored space dwarfs” might interest some people here Im sure. Upcoming Kickstarter.

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Look kinda like a Squat Genestealer Cult. :wink:

Yes, that was the “alien flavored space dwarfs”. But given a different paint job they could go as Chaos Squats as well I think. :slight_smile:

Thought you just meant Squats in general. :wink:

Awesome. Been a fan of Bob Olley’s work for years. Been watching ebay for some Evil Scrunts, but they almost never come up. Have some of Macrocosm’s Sci fi Dwarf Miners, very characterful models.

These look great. More models for the wish list… Cheers!


Its live…

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Macrocosm have a bunch of old squats up for recasting. Sorely tempted. Id like to make chaos squats, i even cut up a khorne marine but it didnt go well. Think ill stick to ordinary squats for now. I dont even play 40k since 2nd edition.

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