Star Wars Creations

Imperial Star Destroyer Victorypeace arriving for routine repairs at Kuat Driveyards.

Work in progress shot: It is mostly built out of wood and brad nails, assembled with glue gun and painted with wall paints. The project took 2 days.


I like this and wooden toys. I had one of those wooden railwaysxwhen young and this would fit in well. I imagine many, many children would be excited to add this to a collection.

So can I ask if you have any plans to use this at all for gaming? Do you have plans for other ships be they Imperial or rebel, fighters or capital?

Anyway, this is an interesting and nice to see change from the normal models we see.


Thank you kindly @Duncan!

Me and my brother built a great many wooden ships around 10-12 years of age, and also some other vehicles and planes. His were fewer but carefully constructed, while most of my ships were shoddy mass production pieces for a playing out D-Day with toy soldiers on the lawn. Since we always save everything, this fleet took up rather a lot of storage space. Last year I chose to make away with most of my boats of this old armada, saving the more careful pieces and one better representative of the many shoddier ones.

Yet only a year later, the old wooden toy spree has been reignited after an 18 year hiatus. Thanks to small stepsiblings who have moved in to my mother’s house. It’s fun to be back at such quick modelling work for a change. :slight_smile:

Newly made wooden toy ship in the middle, surrounded by childhood builds.

I’m currently helping my stepsiblings with building their own toys. Real world ships and cars so far, but I’ve thought about making a Venator or some big rebel ship. Perhaps even a Separatist ship. Maybe some fighters, but we’ll need to get a vice first. TIE-fighters remain a favourite of mine.

No plans for gaming, but that’s mostly because we get so little wargaming in at home; it mostly happen at tournaments. But it stands ready for future service should the occassion pop up!

Working with wood is a lot of fun.


This is fantastic, something I’ve never tried but now really want to

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This is really cool to see, thanks for sharing! There’s something incredibly satisfying about greeble coated in gray paint

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Thank you kindly, lads!

In Defiance of Fate

A man, a will, unwilling.

Unwilling to accept the destiny of life,
the shared demise of stars.
Willing to sacrifice all to deny death,
our greatest waste,
the opened scars.

Unwilling to stand idly by his love,
as she would die.
Willing that forbidden union,
to lay them low,
at end of lie.

A friend, a hand, no weakness.

Greatest friend with fiercest heart,
born to save those near.
No comrade may be left behind,
no consort ever perish,
a hero without fear.

Greatest warrior ever seen,
his heart on fire.
No hesitation in his sword,
he cut the hand,
in highest spire.

A saviour, a peace, forsaken.

Saviour of the realm strode out,
to temple purge.
Peace he brought to bloody war,
sang his shining sword,
the rebel’s dirge.

Saviour found himself betrayed,
his wife taken,
Peace broken by own brother,
and burning blade,
saw him forsaken.

A slave, a fate, broken.

Broken man reforged anew,
by revenge and hate.
Slaughtered foes across the stars,
his flesh to steel,
in defiance of fate.

Broken man ever a slave,
for his masters’ claim.
Set free at last by his own son,
twain lives he led,
both ends in flame.

Tribute to the fantastic tragedy of Anakin Skywalker, greatest of pilots, warriors and friends.

Tribute to the fantastic irony of the Chosen One, dark knight, Emperor Palpatine’s errand boy and slave all his life.

Tribute to the fantastic overarching story of Star Wars Episodes 1-6, the four-episode Clone Wars finale and this powerful excerpt of Matthew Stover’s Revenge of the Sith novelizations.

Illustration for a worthy piece of mythology, strong in its simplicity.

May the sequel trilogy be ignored as the incoherent mess of a heresy to the overarching narrative that it is.

And may the good productions such as Solo, Rogue One, Mandalorian and the Clone Wars finale keep on coming.

Note the maimed arms of Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker respectively in the background. I always liked the character of Mace Windu: Like Anakin, he was arrogant and headstrong, and a powerful warrior. He was the stern and suspicious face of the Jedi Council that was not afraid to get its hands dirty and hamper Anakin’s hopes and ambitions. Mace Windu was not only well acted, but he was written well to present a believable aspect to the lofty Jedi, one which Anakin ultimately collided head-on with.