Stumpy's Walhutian Heresy

Long have I longed to join the ranks of those that huff paint fumes and give themselves bad vision with too much squinting and arthritis with attempts to get those little details with single horse hair bushes. My very first purchase was the Lost Kingdom Miniatures Assur, The God King on Palanquin(1). Admittedly I bought with my eyes and did not account for how many slaves I’d be responsible for, and I bought off an Etsy store (which ill never ever do again). After realizing my mistake, I promptly bought a couple more minis, including a metal Astragoth(2)! THEN, succumbing the frenetic conversations on the Discord about legos, I bought some of those(3)! I do have paints, but they did not survive the move to Alaska unscathed, so my next major purchases will be more paint for the paint god.

All in all, I’ll be attempting to keep up with my poorly timed purchases and half baked ideas here in this blog. Feel free to berate or encourage me as you see fit.




Glad to see you start!! Love those Legos haha, are they a current set or someone just come up with them?

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This came with em, so I think its a thing lego just sells haha


It’s part of one of their Collectible Minifig blind bag lines, in this particular case Series 5 from 2011 so long out of stores.

It goes on specialised sites like Bricklink for about 8-10 euro a piece


Its great that you have started your blog at last. Now we can all help you get going.
No way should you start painting the throne or astragoth 1st. You need to practice on infantry. Coming up with a suitable colour scheme and results you are proud of might take a few attempts (at least).
You need to work out if you are a hat guy, lost kingdom or helms guy. Then get a cheap regiment to start out on like a unit of fabelzels blunderbusses for example, then its a case of getting to work.
Paint the characters later when you have a couple of units done.


I was thinking of cutting my teeth on the plethora of slaves on the underside of Assur there. They dont have much detail admittedly, but I can church em up as I like as I improve with whip scars and the like. Half of them are missing limbs (never ever buy Etsy) so I could do some stump work too.

As far as hats or helms or masks go, I’m a huge fan of the forgeworld masks, but I doubt I’ll have the play money for a unit or two of them anytime soon. The hats and helms have a charm all their own. I am a huge fan of LKM, but I know I don’t have the skillset for all that trim if I were to do it justice. I spose I could just dry brush everything though and see how it looks haha!

Color schemes is gonna be another head scratcher. I’d love to work in a green color, but with the armies I’ve seen I’ve not been too blown away. It’ll take some dabbling for sure.

Thank you for all the advice, sincerely! I am soaking it up like a sponge.


Excellent, man!
Kudos for immediately jumping for the big ones :slight_smile:


we should all just use lego. so awesome

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Cool start to a blog! I can’t wait to see what’s to come and especially how it will look painted! :beer:

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Props to starting the first warhammer + lego hybrid blog that we all knew we wanted.

Now to google lego walruses.


Whelp there goes my title as a responsible adult. Sorry kids it’s Ramen for a while. Daddy needs Lego walrus warriors.


Why, Lego Walrys you say?