Swiss’s Adepticon experience

I took some days off of work in the preceding week or so to finish preparing my armies.

Originally, before registration, I was expecting my Adepticon weekend would have been

Thursday Team Yankee
Friday ???
Saturday & Sunday song of ice and fire events

Once we knew old world was going to be a thing I opted for that over team Yankee making it my first Adepticon without any historical games. Which felt… odd… as I’ve been doing historical games for 30 years with friends and events.

Once teams for Friday was announced I ended up asking Xander to be a teammate and signed up for that too.

I didn’t get time to make a proper display board for my Slaanesh, but oh well. That will be done

Thursday Old World

I took the Symphony of Slaanesh.

Here’s the list off memory so I might be misremembering things

Slaanesh daemon princess
Level 4 daemonology

The magic armour that’s +1 save or full plate and makes opponent reroll hirs (armour of the damned if I remember right)

Brazen collar

Earthing rod

Favor of the gods

Diabolic splendor

BSB exalted champion of Slaanesh
Bedazzling helm
favor of the gods
Doom totem

11 chaos warriors of Slaanesh
Full command, brazen. collar in champ

12 chaos warriors of Slaanesh
Fc, war banner, and brazen collar

12 chaos warriors of Slaanesh
Fc, and brazen collar

Three chariots with the mark of Slaanesh

Three units of 6 chaos warhounds with vanguard (which I forgot to vanguard)

I won against Skaven round one, lost to Tomb Kings and Skaven in subsequent rounds.

I’m a bit rusty for fantasy, and I think my list wasn’t fully optimal plus I was learning old world as well as I learned a few things (first two games I didn’t realize my chariots had AP -2 for impact hits)

It’s given me a lot to think about.

Team tournament with Xander

Game 1 we beat an all goblin list which was intimidating in concept (a lot of fanatics). Some luck on our part that fanatics didn’t do as much as they could have done.

Games two and three are a bit of a blur to me, I want to say both had Bret’s in them. Round three was paired with high elves, I’m blanking for round two. Both of which we lost, but again I was learning and getting a better sense of the game.

Saturday song of ice and fire competition

I ran my Baratheons some of which are posted above.

Grueling, albeit in a fun way, day of five games that ended around 8 or 9. It did have a lunch and dinner break thankfully.

I’m still new to this game, so I knew I was in for a challenge.

Game 1 I beat Targaryens. Loras used his ability to eliminate Gregor Clegane early in the game which was a huge help as that was his general. I ended up tabling him and winning.

Game 2 I ended up being on stream for twitch much to my surprise. I also was paired against the person who took 2nd at US nationals last year.

I managed to tie him in points, after a game where there were we both felt it swing in and out of our favor. Tie breakers gave him the win, but j feel good for even managing that.

Game 3 was a loss, with him getting 10 vs my 8 points.

Game 4 was 3-3 with tie breakers being 25 points of my stuff alive vs 26 of his so barely broke the tie.

Game for was a 4-3 loss.

So although I didn’t have a winning record, I still feel like that was a strong showing since I’ve been playing less than a year.

However I did walk away with an award.

Sunday was song of ice and fire friendly where I borrowed nights watch to try them out. I did ok, despite never having run them, even winning a game.

Probably my worst performance at an Adepticon in win rates, by far, but I had an absolute blast as I loved the games I was playing.


Thanks for the writeup Swiss!

What do you run in TY?

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My main army is probably Iraqis. They won best painted in 2022. I made my objective markers look like those murals Saddam had, but instead of the usual bombastic art he had I made the set of South Park Saddam.

I also have Cubans, West Germans, East Germans, and Israelis fully painted.

Soviets are partially painted.

Americans, Iranians, and Swedes are mostly unpainted


Ah i swear Ive seen these, maybe on the Flames/TY discord? Absolute classics.
Ive got Soviet and East German projects in storage unit back home, never played tho

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I have posted them there, I do believe. Also on Facebook in the Team Yankee group.