[T9A] Disciple of Lugar

Disciple of Lugar Relief

“Risen In Flame.
Denied His Ungodly Godliness.
Purest of Heart.
And Burning Spirit.
Soul Cast On Pyre.
Its Flesh Afire.
Smoking Shadow.
And Footsteps of Embers.
Risen In Flame.
Yet Fallen To Ash.
The Curse Aglow.
Burn Bright And Fast.
It Cannot Last.”

-Inscription found below a small painted relief carving depicting a Disciple of Lugar, its legs strangely twisted akin to those of a goat, or bull


Lovely inscription. I really like the. concept of Disciples. Sadly LoA haven’t got them. Ah well maybe someday.

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Thanks a lot, Uther! LoA doesn’t officially have them, but there’s no stopping us from doing something like them, or some completely different bizarre berzerkers, on our own. Counts-as troops, maybe? :wink: