Ted's Chaos Dwarfs: Kislev Slavery Expedition

I was watching the CDO from my very beginning in this hobby, about 9 years ago. Finally, I have started my own army, so I have created my account :smiley: Here I will post progress in painting my army. For now, I have almost only Russian Alternative models, I have some orginals, and I want to expand orginals in future.

Here is my first ten of Shields & Hand Weapons:

I have recently painted Death Rocket too, but I have to make some pictures, I will upload them later.


Ah, looks great! Is that Russian Alternative models?
And welcome, great to see that you finally took the step to join our ranks. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard. Great start with those RA minis, they look great.

Agreed, great work with these minis, looking forward to how that death rocket turned out

Welcome. The RA models are great, and very nicely done on this unit. The snow bases came out well and contrast the darker scheme very well. Keep them coming.

The unit looks great! I am looking forward to further great painted miniatures!

Thank you for great words; At the very beginning I wanted to make blue-white scheme, but I wasn’t pleased.

Below I present Death Rocket, still no base and crew, I have to buy some 75mm round bases (“just T9A things”). When I will get my hands on some, I will make the crew and take some better pictures with better white-balance. Now, there is 10 fireglaives unit on my painting table.

Death Rocket


Cool, didn’t think much of this war machine when I saw it on the RA shop, but seeing you version and photos I really like it! :slight_smile:

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Nice looking force you have there. Never actually seen an assembled RA Death Rocket before, outside their website. Having the pieces of one, the thing kinda reminds me of an artillery-scaled version of a World War Two PIAT projector.

I wasn’t posting for a while, but I’m back :slight_smile:
Through this time, I’ve bought a lightbox, I made a couple of new photos and updated gallery;
Below are first ten of my shooting units.


Nice job on the RA models. I haven’t seen too many versions of these painted. The purple is a surprising pop of color, but the end result looks great and is a unique take. Cheers and well done!

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Very fine work! I love the colour scheme and basing. The combination of colours work really well.

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Looks great and it is always good to see more purple chaos dwarfs

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That is already a very habituation-needy, there colorful, color scheme. But the more I look at it, the more I like it, it is something different!

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