The assault group bear riders

In my mind these are great proxys for the larger bull centaurs for us helm dudes.

I kind of want them but ive backed 2 kickstarters already this month…

I bet they will also fit old school miniatures boar knights if they want more evil looking versions

Too much good stuff at once!


Zodd, that’s fascinating; thanks for posting it. I have two questions borne not of skepticism but of interest:

  1. If we have these replace the larger centaurs - renders, enforcers, anointed, however we term them - then how would we handle the wounds upon successful hits? Those large centaurs typically have three wounds in many systems, but I imagine these riders would have one wound and the bear two. Do you (or anyone else) have any ideas for how that would be handled?
  2. Are there bears in the Darklands? Could we sell the theme as the bears being part of menageries for a cavalry class of evil dwarf?
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Juggernaught demigriffon knights and ogre sabretudk riders all have the wounds of the mount, i think all monstrous cavalry do. It is a like for like replacement. I did a chaos dwarf on a juggernaut to count as the larger centaur hero in wap 8th or 9th. It has 4 wounds.

I dont really like the large centaurs, they seem more like dragon ogres to me but less cool. So yeah alternatives for me. Zanko has a a unit of juggernaut riders in his blog. The bears :bear: would be a somilar proxy

And theme -wise we can all do whatever we want!
There are so many variants in peoples blogs here. We are in theory an obsolete army…although it is going from strength to strength these days

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These awesome new bears together with the Ewal Dvergars from OSM will look very cool. :beer: Whereas … actually … don’t I have enough CD?! :thinking: … no! :smile: You can never have enough CDs and this will look cool, lancers on bears! Yeah, that rocks! :cd1980:


@Zanko a far cheaper alternative that fits ewal dverger riders perfectly is the gb01 grizzly bear from ral partha

I think its £4. The black bear was too small though

In my mind these would be helm alternatives to larger bull centaurs on 50mm squares


Thanks for the tip, now I just have to keep that in mind for the next Ral Partha order! :smiley: