The “best” LOA 8th edition list?

I’m in the process of 3D printing a chaos dwarf army and I was curious what people would consider the best all round army list? Like if you could freely choose a 2k and 2.5k army, what would you pick in “all comers” scenario.

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At 2.5k I’d go something like:

Lv4 on lore of Death
Enchanted Shield, 4+ ward, Earthing Rod (you don’t want a pie-plate miscast in IG…)

BSB with whatever you can fit

20-30 IG with great weapons

Some Hobgoblins to fill out Core

2 x Khans on wolves

Great weapon, Blackshard Armour, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Other Trickster’s Shard

Obligatory 3 BC Renders with great weapons and shields, command

Daemonsmith on lore of Fire
Charmed Shield, Dispel Scroll

Deathshrieker or Magma Cannon (Deathshrieker is more versatile for all-comers situation)




So, the problem with LoA is that it’s just so expensive, your force will be a small, elite group. Not easy making a list which can go toe to toe with basically everything else. Usually (!), lists which feature some of everything will be good at nothing and lose against a specialised force.

Luckily, with the limited LoA army list, some decisions are already made for you.

  • Level 4 Sorcerer-Prophet will be your General. It’s tempting to put him on a flying monster, but usually that’s not going to end well. Personally I like Lore of Hashut (a little bit out of principle, but Ash Storm is just too good not to try and get it).
  • Hobgoblins should get Bows and maybe Shields (if you have the points). Keep them out of 6" of any Chaos Dwarf but 12" within the General to trigger Animosity, hope for a 6. One or two units, you need some bodies on the table
  • Mandatory Infernal Guard, all weapon options are good but yeah, expensive. Consider Fireglaives for all-round-use. Minimum 20.
  • Wolf Raiders and/or Khans to redirect units, you need to be able to dictate your opponent’s movement.
  • Bull Centaurs are VERY tough but deal less damage as one would think (only two attacks base). They need augment spells (every available lore has one)

All in all, @Baggronor’s list is solid and as all-round as it gets with LoA. You need a battleplan, though! LoA is no army to just put the models on the table and they’ll take care of the rest.


Both very helpful thank you, you don’t get a lot of bodies at 2.5k do you!

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Have a look in the Archive Section as well, there are loads of army lists from 6-8th Ed. :slight_smile:

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Ahhhhh I thought “this has to have been asked before?” And wondered why there were only 10 topics xD


Also worth considering what comp you are likely to face. A full gunline is disgusting and will not make friends nor will it improve our reputation but if you just want to kill things at a waacy tournament it can be very effective.

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