The Excellence of Shamash : Flagellant's Chaos Dwarfs

First four finished!! I think I’m happy with the brass-on-black look of the shield/helmet ornaments but I could be convinced otherwise

I still need to decide on what to do with the bases though. There isn’t a ton left over with these guys on a 20mm base but I’d like to do something creative. Until I decide that I’m already itching to start the next group, should go much faster this time!

And many thanks to @Fabelzel for sculpting these wonderful shields!


This is going to be a striking force with this scheme! I like the look of the metal on the shields as you have them. Good contrast on the mini overall and the choice of color really pulls your eyes around.

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Love the colour scheme! Very unusual in all the right ways. Great variation on the beards as well. This is going to be a beautiful force.

Regarding bases for these chaps, my mind would be inevitably drawn towards 90s-style green ones, but I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea (never did them myself either, but then again I’ve never painted classic minis so far :smile:)


Agreed, excellent application of a very uncommon colour scheme for the CDs. Really makes them stand out. Well done!


Wooohooo, got to love some bone coloured Chaos Dwarfs.

Great scheme, it goes really well with those minis


Another four down!

I changed the skin tone, which I liked and so redid the original four with it, and experimented a bit with washes. On these four I used nuln oil on the hats/pauldrons to create some colour separation and depth and on the first four I did Seraphim Sepia, pictured below.

Not sure which I like more. The Sepia is warmer than the bluish tint you seem to get from Nuln Oil, but it’s also maybe more yellow than I want. I may give one last wash a shot, the tried-and-true agrax earthshade. So far they are similar enough at tabletop distance that I probably won’t redo them all again.

I’m still undecided on the basing too. I think I’ll do something that will match with my Eagle Warrior Orcs. The longer I think about it the more I like them thematically, and I’m finding other minis that go well with that theme as well.


Magnetized my first movement tray!

It’s a bit “backwards” for a couple reasons. Litko doesn’t have any cutouts for rare earth magnets, and while they do make stick-on magnets and rubber steel even the heavy duty magnets weren’t strong enough on the rubber for me to be comfortable for use in transit. On top of that they were a bit thick and when paired they stood noticeably higher than the tray’s edge. Left with drilling I figured it would be easier to drill the tray instead of the bases, which I think turned out to be true, and then affixing rubber steel to the bases.

I opted for 1/4" x 1/16" magnets as I was told to size up a bit if I wasn’t pairing with true steel, which I really didn’t want to bother with, and they hold great up even with some pretty good shakes! I’ll definitely be continuing with this pattern as long as I’m working with Litko bases.


I love the colour scheme!

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Now that I’ve finalized my colour scheme I decided to try following a monthly challenge. A WHFB discord I joined runs one and this month was a character. So here’s my General, Adad-Usur, all wrapped up!

I followed a video tutorial for styrofoam stone walls for his hat. Given the difference in material the colours didn’t even out quite as much as I’d hoped but I decided I liked the variety anyway. Overall really happy with how he’s turned out, definitely the most effort I think I’ve put into a single miniature!


Excellent! really been looking forward to seeing this come to your painting table. I like the ivory tones a lot.

Something I had missed until recently… that is one of the best sword pommels in the history of miniatures imo. Nice job micro-replicating the scheme there as well.

.scrambles to find double decker mini
scribbles notes furiously on torn paper
… …puts notes in bag with mini to be misinterpreted later


Pommel-man even had a tall spike on his helmet originally! Unfortunately it was too thin to survive my gentle hand :dead:

Many thanks for the kind words!


It didn’t survive transit to me either.

Eddy……. Madonna Santa…. You just opened my eyes


Hahahaah livin the life for unsettle people :lammasu1:


Hey Flagellant, I love the color scheme and the inventive use of color in the dwarf’s beards. Can’t wait to see some of the Eagle Warrior Orcs painted up :metal:t2:


First off, thank you to everyone who voted for this as the best new blog! It’s been a bit slow going but I’m really happy people are enjoying it. At the moment I am working through my unit of axe warriors and figured I’d get that complete rather than repeatedly post pictures of 4 near-identical warriors each time I finish a set.

I did enter the musician in the last Golden Hat though! No fancy converting for him, but I certainly gave it my all :smile:

With the command and a good portion of the unit done I have to say I’m thrilled with how it’s turning out. As individual models I don’t think the scheme is all that interesting but once you start ranking them up it really comes together well. Excited to show them off.

I do have one more thing to show in the meantime, however…

My first Death Rocket!

I saw someone else invert the colours of their warmachine crews’ armour and decided to do the same. I like it as a way to distinguish them from the usual rank and file, but I think the current pattern still looks better overall. Also have been playing with a rudimentary light box to get better pictures with as things get finished.

And finally, I’ve started amassing materials for basing. Once I’ve gotten that figured out I’ll start on that for everyone, and once that’s done I’ll start updating the original post with glamour shots and more flavor text!


A classic entry for the Golden Hat! A standout for coming in with a single model with no-nonsense great painting. I’ll be stealing your ivory tones best I can to break up the helm pastels (when my helms arrive that is).

It’s a very interesting take on bighats to see a warm toned model with beard colors that pop. I dare say it will only become more striking as the force grows in number.


man you have no idea about how happy your color scheme makes me. there is no reason for that, but it just does. i love to see your models with this scheme. superb!


So, I am NOT the only one that think Death Rockets looks better reverse! Amazing paint job fella!

The Hooves of Hashut Artillery Corps

The orcs stood in a messy formation. To one side were hobgoblins throwing nasty looks, behind them blunderbusses held by impassive Zharr. These were the lucky ones, brought out from the mines and equipped to do what every orc does best - fight.

Wotgrar stared at the crude metal weapon in his grip and grinned. " 'Bout time I had one ah deez in me hand again," he muttered to his companion. Then, glancing to his left, “Feel even better if I can use it on da hobz though.”

“Been too long since we 'ad a propah fight,” Ratgrik agreed, though he was more distracted by the guns behind than the thorns in their side.

A pause.

“You think it’s true wot they say? 'Bout 'Ashut?”

Wotgrar stopped trying to sharpen his blade on the edge of his shield and laughed.

“And wot is that? Wot you heard ‘bout that ol’ Dawi cow?”

“He means, of course, that the Father of Darkness joins us in battle today,” came the sly reply from behind him.

Wotgrar started as Hag’masha’s hunched form slid next to him.

“You’re lucky it’s not our masters patrolling the lines just now.”

“You lot got no love for 'im either…” He shifted on his feet uncomfortably, wondering if his earlier desires had been overheard as well.

A grim smile. “Perhaps not.”

Then to Ratgrik, “You’ll have your answer soon enough, should you survive this day.”

“Well it’s nuthin’ we 'aven’t seen before from Mork, eh?” Wotgrar suggested.

Another grim smile.

Ratgrik didn’t look reassured.

The order finally came to advance and the orcs began to gleefully fling themselves towards the enemy lines. However, even the most ambitious orc began to hesitate when fire began to streak across the sky, for where it landed only fire and death remained. As they attempted to renew their advance the earth shook and groaned beneath their feet, and as they shouted a battle cry only the deafening roar of rocketry filled their ears.

The orcs were made true believers that day, whether they survived the battle or not, for they knew only the trampling of a violent and angry god could have caused the destruction they saw that day.

Basing finished, lore written, and first post updated! Decided to shoot for a muddy, forested vibe for the basing as it will help them match with the orcs and unit fillers I have planned and the lore puts them in the new world. The family is starting to settle into a routine again after our last daughter was born so I should be able to paint more consistently here; at least until we get our TWW DLC!

And glad you like them @Bassman, I believe yours were the inspiration for me to build them this way! Once I saw how much better they looked there was no going back :smile: