The Heralds of Hashut - Rocket Division | Total War: WARHAMMER III

Slavers! Priests! Warriors! Lend me your ears, for I have a gift for all of you,

Some of you may remember my questions pertaining to Bazuka weapon teams as well as Chaos Dwarf flamethrowers some days ago. I mentioned that I was in the process of making a mod of adding these respective units with a sprinkle of lore-friendliness. Well, I am pleased to say that that time has come! Feast your eyes:

Bazuki (low sat)
Chaos Dwarf Bazuki (Rocket Infantry/Rocket Weapons Team)
While not part of the Infernal Guard, the Bazuki are not mere militia either. Comprised of redeemed Infernal Guardsmen, mad engineers, and aspiring Chaos Dwarf warriors, the Bazuki regiments are armed with a devastating handheld variant of the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher. They are absolutely effective against everything and are the ultimate late-game unit. Planned Regiment of Renown in the future called ‘The Annihilators’, as a reference to Total War: WARHAMMER II’s mod OvN: Chaos Dwarfs, which featured a rocket unit by the same name.

Chaos Dwarf Zharruki (Flamethrower Infantry)
The Zharruki regiments are a highly ceremonial and elite position that any Chaos Dwarf should strive to obtain. Mainly composed of former veterans, conscripted (or volunteering) Priests of Hashut from the Temple at Mingol Zharr-Naggrund, those who find themselves in the Zharruki weapons team a sense of total synchronicity as their final pledge to their Father of Darkness Hashut is made manifest through their searing flamethrowers.

The mod also comes with a miniature recruitment overhaul of the Chaos Dwarf basic and advanced recruitment system, making the game moderately more difficult yet more rewarding; Infernal Guard now have their own recruitment chain at Tiers 4 and 5 while Chaos Dwarf Warriors are now recruitable as hobgoblin overseers from a Tier 3 building.

I designed the mod to purposefully make the Chaos Dwarf experience more difficult (at least for me), since I always start the game and immediately get access to Infernal Ironsworn en masse at around turn 30 - 40. With this mod, they should be a lot more difficult to obtain.

If you decide to try out the mod, I hope you have an awesome time with it. Thank you for reading and Praise Hashut, for this is my contribution to the cause!


Fantastic!! I’m so glad we have talent in the community to help fill the gaps CA missed. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what other goodies you cook up!