The mixed cauldron of sculpture and paint

Soooo, some times has passed since last time I sculpted something chaos dwarf related, but who knows that I don’t get in the mood for something again.

Meanwhile, I will drop some of my most recent works, started during the quarantine.

The Golden Magus of Araby, straight out from his ship on the Dreadfleet game.

Khar-Mel the Djinn.
As far as I know, she was an hireable character in morheim, and nowadays she’s playable in WAP, in the araby army.
She’s still super WIP, but I’m slowly proceeding.


Wow, looks great. I remember seen the Magus on FB but cant recall who posted or where? :slight_smile:
He’s a little tall for a Chaos Dwarf, otherwise he’d be perfect! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome to see one of my favorite Dreadfleet characters brought to life! Ace work :pirate_flag:

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Yes, I posted it in the Oldhammer sculpting group! Maybe not much oldhammer style, but the character right now is definitely part of the old world Lore.
Well, nothing prevents to try some concepts about desert themed/arabian CD. Sounds like I have something to sketch during lunch pause :smiley:


Yes, an Araby themed Chaos Dwarf unit or character would be really cool IMO. :slight_smile: