The New and Improved Chaos Dwarfs Online

If you are reading this, you’ve accepted an invite and now you’re here to test out this new forum software!

It took a hefty bit of work to get this set up. It runs on a new host and uses some pretty cutting edge software, but I digress.

The raison d’être for this new site is no less than the survival of CDO. Activity is down, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are completely eroding the use of forums. I know personally, that I’ve been posting to Facebook and Instagram lately and foregoing all the participation I once reserved for forums. It’s just so much easier to snap photos on my Android phone, and then directly upload them to FB and IG right from my phone. That’s the ease-of-use that we are competing with.

Enter Discourse, a forum software designed from a mobile-first perspective. You can upload images effortlessly withina new post. You can share IG or Imgur posts simply by pasting links into your new threads, and the images will be automatically embedded. These features should help even the odds.

In my opinion, Forums still have an edge over places like IG, Reddit and FB: the community. Social Media platforms tend to feel very anonymous in my opinion; rarely do you get to know anyone else, you just hope your posts get likes and replies. On forums, I feel, you can really get to know your community.

I’m reaching out to any CDO users who still have a passion for the Dawi Zharr and want to see our community spirit endure into 2020 and beyond.

Join me, brothers, we can make Zharr Naggrund great again! :face_with_monocle:

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em! Look how easy it is to share your Instagram content. I just paste a link:





Well look at that! Joining a forum in 2020, who would believe it!


Totally! Plus it has app like functionality!

Hello All, now I can really say I was there at the beginning :wink:



I should also add this looks very much like the old Gates of Zharr Naggrund site that preceeded Chaos Dwarfs Online.

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Given the fewer posts, having so few separate forums actually makes more sense than ever. I’m going to have to wait until I get home to try this out on my phone.

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I very much agree! It’s quite good on the phone! I’ve been impressed. Make sure to add it as an app and accept notifications too!

Cheers, thanks a lot for the invite! This is really quite slick, I like it. Using it on my phone right now. Feels a lot more natural than an old forum, I think this was a very good move.
I’ve been quite absent lately in the forum, I’ll use this opportunity to return more frequently. :hat :wink:


Yeah, were technically testing right now, but it certainly seems like this will be the direction we go!


So far so good. Took a bit to re-orient bit liking it as it goes. I likewise will endeavour to make this a chance to return to posting more frequently than I have been for the last several months.

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Hey all, testing out new site, thanks for the invite.

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Welcome! I’m pretty excited by the new system. It seems pretty intuitive on mobile!

I got some reason am liking the view on desktop on mobile…

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I’m finally getting round to using this newer forum. Sorry fir the delay!

I saw above that you mentioned we can get it as an app, but I’ve not spotted a prompt so far (will mooch about a bit first and then search because I think without it being an app, I won’t get round to it much on my phone!).

Nice work, @Xander :slight_smile:


On iOS the app is DiscourseHub

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As it turns out, I hadn’t responded to the push notifications prompt (was waiting to catch up in the forums) - when I clicked Enable, it then prompted for the app. It has downloaded a shortcut and it seems to run exactly as the browser (I use Android), but without using my browser. Either way, all good!

Hello old friend, this is getting more and more like old times everyday :grin:


General Dragh.

Wonderfully so. I hope those heady heights return in full!