The official price guide to chaos dwarfs

So, I was hoping as a community of sellers and buyers of chaos dwarfs we could codify price values of our beloved models. Here’s my whack at it:
Metal chaos dwarf warriors:12$
Plastic: 4$
Blunderbuss: 10$
Bull centaurs: 40$
Earth Shaker: 60$
Death rocket:40$
Bull Taurus with mount:75$
Lamassu with mount: 70$
Lords and sorcerer: 35$

Hobgoblin warrior: 13$
Sneaky git:8$
Wolf rider warrior:18$
Wolf rider archer: 20$
(With wolves)
Bolt thrower with crew: 40$
Wolf rider hero:45$
Prices are for not nib and include shipping.

Some one had to throw these numbers out there. This is just a starting point for discussion. I don’t necessarily agree with these but they’re close-ish based on my observations. Don’t know if this idea is too speculative or or subjective but; I’d be interested to know as a community what we think our little buggers are worth.