The Riches of Khemri Part II

Soon it is time for the first true test of arms between the Chaos Dwarf Invaders and the undead defenders. The Dawi Zharr have managed to force entry into the Land of the Dead. Now a mighty host of skeletal warriors line up in front of the advancing army. On the fringes of the Marshes of Madness the battle will be fought.

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Both sides recruit (paint) new regiments for the coming battle. Mighty Warriors and terrible Monsters alike shall walk the battlefield.


The battle took place in the foothills of the Marches of Madness. The defenders of the land of the dead formed up behind a half-sunken ruin, in the middle of a sparse forest.
When the dwarves reached the battlefield, the undead froze for a moment. They expected rows and rows of artillery. instead they saw multiple regiments of the Sorcerers-Prophet Hasdruubaalizharr’s elite infantry.
So it happened that the chaos dwarves took the initiative and advanced decisively. Only the black orcs faced the pharaoh’s bodyguard and his chariots and remained in their position.


The chaos dwarves quickly noticed that the undead had cleverly outmaneuvered them! The strongest dwarven units were on their right flank, far away from the core of the skeleton warriors. while the left flank was only secured by the black orcs, who were cut off from the rest of the army by the building!
Hashdrubaalizharr unleashed his magic and with a fiery blast he cut down the temple guard in droves, but will this be enough?

The legions of Khemri have been defending their lands for eons. Their battle plan has been rehearsed and refined 1,000 times. One by one, the Dawi Zharr regiments are attacked and wiped out. Only the black orcs manage to stop the advance of the undead, but even their sacrifice does not manage to give the rest of the army enough time to regroup.

Finally the chaos dwarfs managed to get into close combat, but it was too little too late. The undead horde awaited them, ready to counter charge at an instant. In the end just the immortals stood in a sea of animated bones and stone…

The Victory goes to the tomb kings this time!

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