They thought it was the Engineering Guild

Total War Warhammer 3 is almost out! For those who do not know, Cathay is one of the playable factions, and they can send caravans down the Ivory Road to trade with the west. Should these caravans succeed to complete their journey… well, riches and magic items are going to be bestowed upon the greatest human nation in the world. Too bad they can’t tell who their trading partners really are :smiling_imp:

Yep, place that statue somewhere close to the Dragon Emperor’s palace. We’ll send more :smiling_imp: :angry: :smiling_imp:

I am a bit irked that it spreads “regular” chaos corruption but hey, we are not part of the game (yet). The Darklands are there though! Zharr Naggrund, Uzkulak, Gorgoth, all these places are present on the map, at the moment occupied by a placeholder Greenskin faction.



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