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Today marks the start to a painting project. Im finally putting paint on my old forgeworld models as well as some 3d printed ones. Im going to use them an Age of Sigmar Path to Glory as Slaves to Darkness with some dwarven nurgle allies. Ive desided that im going to theme then as Dark Iron Dwarves from world of warcraft.

My first model below


Im using Scibor miniatures for my Chaos Sorcerer Lord and Maggotkin allies

My sorcerer lord

My 1st 5 Blightkings (i have 10 of these guys)

I still have to assemble the other 5 blightkings and a nurgle hero


Today’s WIPs

And got another Blightking assembled


An older model that needs some new details to bring it in line with the new army.

And my Demon prince that i still need to print the wings for.


Brilliant idea, can’t wait to see your progress.

Where did the model for your demon prince come from? I like that very much

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The daemon prince is a model from yedharo models… i blow up the scale quite a bit.


Progress so far… need to add shields and finish the drummer


The cd daemon Prince looks fantastic. Do you remember what % you increased him by?

So changing this blog from a StD one to a general CD one to showcase all my CD armies. Updates to fellow.

I can’t find my notes but i think it was 140%

Here some pics on current projects the lost kingdom models are printed at 80% which puts them on par with forgeworld CDs


These days im helping write and playtest an Dawi Zharr Battletome as well as painting and such. I went though a dry stretch were i didn’t do much hobbying do to work. Work as quieted down a lot in the last few months do in getting back to hobbying more.

Link to the AoS 3ed Chaos Dwarf Battletome project