Tomiris and Chaos Dwarfs iconography

I’ve recently watched the Kazakhstani movie Tomiris. A story about the warrior princess of the Steppes of Central Asia that defeated the Persian King Cyrus the Great about 2500 years ago.

It’s a pretty good movie despiate some flaws, really enjoyable, I suggest everybody in love with ancient history and warfare.
But what really stroke me are costumes! I am 100% ignorant about Khazaki and Central Asian culture, so forgive me for not knowing, but everything was crying 5th edition Chaos Dwarfs.

Here is Tomiris, she is the boss and like every Chaos Dwarf chieftain worth of his/her name, she wears the taller and fancier hat!

Here she is with her beloved Argun, mighty warriors of the Schytes fancy nice Big hats:

Some hobgoblins…ehm, warriors of the stepps in action. We can recognize they are NOT hobgoblins because they are not running away but fighting bravely :grin::

Yes, your hobgoblin lackeys love fancy hats…

But you are the boss and you wear the fanciest of them watching your enemies with contempt…

Your enemy is clearly a vanilla dwarf, wearing short hat that unveils his inferiority to your mighty headwear!!! Cyrus the Great:



More hats and costume bonanza that could be insipirational:



And yes, Tomoris is the boss, the baddest, and she wears fancy hats:


I almost forgot, scale armor, of course:


Nice pictures from the movie! This era, like most others of human history, are woefully poorly covered in cinema. Scythians and Hobgoblins marry well indeed. :hob1:

For more inspiration, see Illustrations of Ancient Scythia, to be salvaged from old CDO to new.

Also, check out the Babylon scenes from the 1916 movie Intolerance for Cyrus’ conquest of Babylon the great.

For some other Hobgoblins based on ancient steppe cultures:



Andronovo & Koban cultures:


@Admiral yes, everything in the West is always focused on Greece or Romans forgetting the great variety of the ancient world.

As I said I do not know much about the Scythians and their culture, I cannot comment on the movie historical accuracy but I found it very entertaining. Better than a lot of Western blockbusters. Maybe it was because the actress is a pleasure to watch :sweat_smile:


But some scenes really kick butts. The Scythians are really badass (looking at WHO produced the movie it’s pretty understandable the political reason behind…). Highly suggested.