Total War: Warhammer & Blood Bowl II Sale on Steam

There is a massive sale going on over at Steam for very popular Games Workshop video games.

Blood Bowl II for 4€ (9€ for the complete pack with all DLCs)
Total War: Warhammer for 15€
Total War: Warhammer II for 20€

I got myself BBII yesterday :slight_smile: I always wanted to play Blood Bowl, this seems to be a good compromise.
I would have also jumped on Total War, but unfortunately my 10years old iMac isn’t up to the task…

Sale ends June 1st

Oh wow, I love how Discourse integrates the Steam links!


I’ll mention that, thanks to the combined efforts of some modders, Chaos Dwarfs can now be played as a standalone faction in Warhammer II. Could be a motivation. :smiley:


Need a better comp… :exploding_head:

Trying to decide if I’ve put enough time into this game or if I should pick up Deathmaster Snikch DLC on sale. Honestly every time I fire it up again I just want to play Count Noctilus, Norsca, or one of the Tomb Kings factions… that is until we get game 3. Maybe I’ll look into that Chaos Dwarf mod, I typically play with SFO mod so I suppose I’d have to check compatibility.

Co-op campaigns are fun if you have the time, I actually tend to get some good converting, assembling, mold line cleaning, or simple painting done during off turn time.

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I loved Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2. I maybe buy this Blood Bowl, I always loved the old tabletop game.


Man, I am totally in love with Blood Bowl II, what an absolute joy to play.
Just makes me want to play the original game even more, though…

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One can never have enough Blood Bowl in your life! Not even after suffering this defeat yesterday… And even after it ending Turn 16 with me not being able to make a 3+ Catch with a ReRoll to tie it. Me being “Hisingen Sewersides”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tough game! I just lost my center in the game (dropped dead!) :sob:
But still lots of fun

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There is a sale again!

Blood Bowl 2 ‘legendary edition’ for 9€
Total War Warhammer II for 20€
Total War Warhammer for 15€

and many more! Sale ends Oct 26th

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Good recommendation, @Jasko! I got BBII. Will try it out at some other time. :slight_smile:

Warhammer Total War is marvellous, especially in a coop campaign! Best with friends.


You’ll love it! The solo campaign with the Reikland Reavers is pretty enjoyable too.

Unfortunately my machine cannot run Total War Warhammer :frowning: All I can do is Shogun 2, which is pretty nice, and it’s obvious how well this engine will work with Warhammer. Some day I will have a machine that can run it, will be great.

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Currently in a Norsca & Chaos Coop campaign for TWW2. While Chaos Warriors still leave much to be desired (enter game 3…) it’s still a pile of fun to watch the old world burn. :smiling_imp: :fire:

edit: manual fire mode on Hellcannons during siege battles is especially satisfying