[TOW] Sorcerer prophet builds

So, how is everyone building their esteemed sorcerous conclave members?

I’ve found I gravitate to the flying carpet a lot.

  1. Planning my movement phase is headache enough without needing to account for the forward arc of my prophet in regards to the next conjuration sub-phase so just having him run solo, usually between 2 units is way more comfortable.

  2. since you can no longer march and cast magic missiles I think movement 3 is way too low as well.

  3. He isn’t bad in combat but he has the same stats as a seneschal so it’s not necessary to have him in units either.
    Only if you want to use daemonic vessel I guess.

I also like the Bale Taurus. It’s not a star dragon but comboed with some of the spells from daemonology or dark magic it is definitely capable of threatening most large things.

I’ve only tried the big boy once though since I’m still waiting on mine to arrive in the mail.

Anyone else have any insights?

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Yeah, pretty much like you said. Having him inside a unit (Ironsworn come to mind) is good for Daemonic Vessel, making a truly terrifying unit, but it comes with some drawbacks.

The Arabyan Carpet is always a great choice, but I would also suggest the humble Lammasu. Doesn’t take away from your magic item allowance and offers some really nice protection. You lose the 360° vision arc, though.

More on it in the Big Chaos Dwarf Tactics Compendium. Feel free to amend the post about Sorcerer-Prophets (or any other one, for that matter)


I play 1500 pts games so big beasties at this range i would lose friends fast.

A lvl4 with talisman of protection, stone mantle and a darkforged weapon and ruby ring. Its powerful and tough. Can dominate magic at least against lvl 2s. Steed of shadows can win you a game. I take daemonology every time (tbh i know nothing about the other decks).


Yeah daemonology reigns supreme. There are some banger spells in there.

The Lamassu is indeed a humble monster, I don’t think it’d be too rude to bring one at 1500, tbh.

The ruby ring doesn’t benefit from him being a level 4, right? I’m pretty certain it doesn’t, just to clarify. Been looking at that item too.


Yes, it is 2D6 + 2 no matter who has it. Doesn’t even need to be a Wizard.

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Yeah, the lammasu is definitely no slouch. It annoys me to no end though that a castellan can’t mount one since he would benefit more from the sorcerous miasma imo. Which is a shame since it renders the castellan absolutely useless.

One thought I’ve had is that dark magic generally feels better for a monster-mounted prophet because word of pain is a hex and you’ll usually be facing the enemy, whereas daemonic vigour would need you to face an allied unit (unless you want to cast it on yourself I guess).

Gathering darkness is for sure a good spell as well but it’s ability to help swing a combat is more situational since unless you charge, the enemy usually will be striking first anyway.
That’s how it feels to me theoretically anyway