[TOW] War Chronicles of the Lost Legions of Karak Vlag

Played a 1500pt battle against a very killy dwarven army. I brought the following army:
Chaos Dwarfs - Lost Legions of Karak Vlag - [1499pts]

Main Force [1499pts]

Characters [385pts]

Infernal Seneschal: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Fireglaive, Battle Standard Bearer, The Lammasu’s Beard
Sorcerer-Prophet: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, General, Wizard Level 4, Daemonology

Core [652pts]

Hobgoblin Cutthroats 40x: Hand Weapon, Shortbow, full command

Infernal Guard 15x: Fireglaive, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, full command

Infernal Guard 20x: Great Weapon, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, full command

Special [462pts]

Bull Centaur Renders 5x: Shield, Hand Weapon, Light Armour, full command (hellshard on champion, Ashen Banner)

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

Sneaky Gits 10x: Throwing Weapon, Two Hand Weapon

The list I fought (albeit small) relied heavily on irondrakes (with troll slayer torpedo, a banner that negates charge bonuses in the front of the unit, and the BSB that grants them a 5+ ward against all wounds), king (with Rune of Gromril (2+ armor) and master rune of smiting), and a block of 30 longbeards. His list was built to kill big bad boys (dragons). I used the bullcentaurs to rapidly flee the rangers and the bolt thrower to kill 2/3 of the gyrocopters), but both the centaurs and my IG struggled massively to kill the longbeards and the irondrakes (the only almost untouched unit at the end of the game). The IG was my poor rolling, but I realized that the centaurs likely need two handed weapons. The fireglaives barely did any damage to any of the units they shot at, and only managed to scratch the longbeards, but they were kept safe by Lamassu’s Beard.


Hey! Thanks for the write-up! I’ll be having a battle vs Wood Elves tonight.

How were your fireglaive guys deployed? In ranks or in a line of 15?

Do you think great weapon bulltaurs will be too vulnerable to shooting, or did you find that they made it into CC fast enough that it wasn’t an issue? Good call on the ashen banner, I think, did it come up?

How did your big block of hobos perform?

Sneaky Gits? Did they see some action?

Answering all questions (hopefully in order)

  1. fireglaives were in normal rank and flank formation of 7. I played other games afterwards and giving them drilled, if you can spare the points, is useful.
  2. the ashen banner saved my ass multiple times. It’s useless in the charge against S&S, since that’s not the shooting phase, but makes them harder to kill. The S5 of irondrakes was rough, but mainly only for the S&S reaction, since the -1 was super helpful. The handweapons were frustratingly ineffective against dwarfs, so I would definitely bring the great weapons with the Gathering Darkness spell combo for the -2 initiative and leadership. Brought that combo in another game and straight up routed a unit of irondrakes in the first charge.
  3. hobbos were useless, even as a meat shield against dwarves they did almost nothing since the S&S killed 14 in one go (that AP is brutal) and with S3 against T4 and a 5+ ward they did absolutely nothing, and lost another 8 in combat. No saving against that, cause with leadership 4 they just fled immediately.
  4. sneaky gitz were trash in combat but they managed to kill 1 dwarf with ranged and distract his gyrocopters enough to let me stay alive, so worth the 60 pts for that battle alone. Don’t think I’ll take them against dwarves any more, since they barely did anything other than run around as a distraction. Hope the battle against the elves went well
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Wait, what? Dear God, what new shit is this? Yes, I’ve just read the rules for it again but come on, that can’t be how this is supposed to go. God knows why they said “during the shooting phase” but of course it’s supposed to work against S&S too.

Added it to the FAQ.

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+1! Gotta read the fine print :sweat_smile: I suppose it’s cause, when they charge ahead, they sort of leave the plume of ash billowing behind them, instead of around them?


God damn it, that even makes sense.

Yeah, it was sort of a rude awakening, hahaha. On the plus side, I found that the following list ROFL- stomped them so bad that the opponent gave up during my third turn (cause of god-tier luck on my end).

Main Force [1500pts]

Characters [556pts]

Infernal Seneschal [156pts]: Heavy Armour, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer, The Lammasu’s Beard, Great Weapon
Sorcerer-Prophet [400pts]: Heavy Armour, General, Wizard Level 3, Blood of Hashut, Daemonology, The Mask of the Furnace, Dark Maul, Lammasu, Hand Weapon

Core [591pts]

Infernal Guard great weapons and shields, heavy Armour
• 1x Deathmask [6pts]
• 1x Standard Bearer [16pts]: Shroud of the Ancestor
• 1x Musician [6pts]

• 9x Infernal Guard with blunderbusses and shields, drilled, detachment of the bigger unit

• 9x Infernal Guard with fireglaives, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour

Special [353pts]

• 4x Bull Centaur Render [56pts]: Great Weapon, Light Armour, with Ba’hal (Hellshard) and standard banner (Ashen Banner)

I used the Lamassu and Bull Centaur to charge into his irondrakes and gyrocopter (effectively killing the latter in a single turn), and then charged into the irondrakes with both. The 3+ ward against flaming on the Lamassu (Mask of the Furnace) and 5+ on the bulls really helped, but i got insanely lucky with my opponents’ dice rolls cause neither his cannon nor his bolt thrower did any wounds in two rounds of shooting (luckily got a miscast on my first turn with my sorceror bringing him to T6). I overfilled his champion with my lord, and slaughtered his irondrakes with my centaurs (despite not being able to use either’s impact hits due to the rune of hesitation). I would have overrun straight into his runesmith and war machines, destroying his right flank. On the left flank i had already significantly chipped away at the longbeards taking them from 20 to 15 in two rounds of shooting, so he was going to have to charge my unit of 19/20 great weapon IG, and received two S&S reactions since I had two detachments of 9 fireglaives and 9 blunderbusses in a single line, ready to just unload. So that charge would also have been painful.


Whoa, congrats! Can’t say I’ve actually read a bunch of reports where Chorfs win decisively. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough.

GG for your enemy. I’ll have to take the shroud of the ancestors for a whirl against my local dwarf player as well :smile:

I think I’ll adopt your bull centaur load out. Has the Hellshard come into play often? In my two games this far, it has had a potentially decisive impact in each one.

I’ve had my doubts about hobgoblins as a tarpit, god forbid a damaging unit, and your notes confirm it. They are wholly crap any way you slice them (hehe, sliced hobgoblins). I use them in 2 units of 10 with shortbows as a way to (maybe) hold up an enemy for exactly 1 round. At 30 points each, I can live with that investment. The other day a lone survivor even made it into the flank of an enemy I was engaged with, and got to pull off his backstab. Sneaky.

Interesting Lamassu load out. Not often you see a chorf character without a mantle of stone.

The mantle of stone is good, but I find it too pricy considering other things I’ve wanted to give them. Killing blow and monster slayer (or the 5+ ward item) seems to be more useful in making them last longer. All it takes is a hero to fight yours, and with any useful weapon they’ll likely cut right through the higher T. Plus, sometimes I just hope for the miscast. We’ll see what happens in my next battle cause I’ll be bringing a blorc war boss on wyvern against a high elf list with an archmage on a star dragon. Hopefully the 370 pts aren’t a waste against his 575.