Units from Legion of Azgorh no longer available on Forge World

Guess we will have to wait and see if this is good or bad for us… :thinking:

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Some friends are I were chatting about this last night. Personally, I don’t really care for the LoA models too much, but it is a shame if they’re wiping them out. People fearing what happened to DKOK will happen to LoA too. Even if they are bringing them back in someway, it doesn’t scream appeal for players I don’t think with the level of uncertainty, on top of already being forgeworld-niche collectors army. Lets see what happens!


It is a shame, but it was probably to be expected. Tamurkhan, and I guess the model range as well, was released in 2011 and is only supported as a legacy army in AoS. The Forgeworld sculpts used to be of a higher quality than the regular GW releases, but if you look at what came out in the last years, that advantage is gone. And the LoA range was still intended as a rank and file army, it just doesn’t fit the AoS style anymore. Classic war machines are also all but gone.
Let’s just hope GW will be releasing a completely new Chaos Dwarf faction for AoS (even if that probably won’t be backwards compatible with WHFB or 9th age or whatever) or a triumphant return in The Old World.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with that summary - they just didn’t fit the AoS dynamic well, are somewhat “outdated” in terms of the sculpts and as you say, given GWs explosion of super detailed models, they’ve been left behind a bit.

If GW does ever re-release them, it’ll be interesting to see how they do it, both in terms of the actual sculpts, but also in terms of the lore and impact the army has to the game. I think the army and their appeal and their aesthetics are at a kind of turning point in their history. Even with TWW3 coming up and Chaos Dwarfs are expected to be in that game, its going to be big exposure to what’s essentially been an army collected by a small group of cult collectors - I say this as the “official GW” choices for collecting the army are either OOP models that are hard to get hold of, or Forgeworld models that are hold to get hold of. I think LoA has gone some way to popularise them a bit, but given their official lack of support over the last few years, I think it could be addressed again.

Back on Creative Assembly and Total Warhammer 3 - will CA use the old big hat models in game? I hope so, but the roster of those specific sculpts is way too small. If they did a blend of the old big hat models but added some of the new LoA units like K’daii fireborn and the artillery trains - I could settle for that. I hope the core units of the army are not the LoA sculpts, but my take on it is “thats what is popular and what (mostly) people recognise as being chaos dwarfs”- though I hope I’m wrong! - but I think the choices that CA make with TWW3 and the choices GW make with re-releasing or re-inventing that chaos dwarfs will be somewhat tied together…


Good questions. I would assume (!), if GW brings back/in some kind of Chaos Dwarfs, that they won’t follow either Big Hat nor LoA style. There might be a nod here or there, but I could see them really reinvent the whole thing. Say about AoS what you will (and I usually do :21:), but it is a more diverse setting and there is no real overarching aesthetic the various factions need to adhere to. The Grand Alliance Chaos is missing what the Kharadron are for Order, a highly technological faction with lots of … constructs. I could see GW either update Skaven in that direction (who were updated at the end of WHFB obviously with AoS in mind, but still remain largely untouched since five years now) or bring back Chaos Dwarfs. Fingers crossed.

I’m not really familiar with the TWW universe (mostly because my dated computer cannot handle even TWW1), but from the looks of it I would expect them to follow the latest design iteration, that would be LoA.

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Well we know what this feels like :grin:

It’s a a shame, I’m a fan of some of those minis, the question now is do I pull the trigger on some of the minis I’ve been waiting to get :grimacing::thinking:

I’d love to be wrong, the fact we’ve had some plastic minis gives me hope, however I can’t see us having a plastic range. I think these FW didn’t sell enough but then I think they didn’t sell enough because they are FW :man_shrugging:t2:


They might go with big hats - haven’t you seen the ones on the latest ‘High Elves’?



Ah nightmare, didn’t go for it and now missed out on that Earthshaker Canon…

…I’m trying not to but the more I think about it the more I’m hopeful we aren’t going back to that days of not having an official army and thinking we will exist in some form. I think it’s because all of our AoS mentions so far have been about seas of souls and using them for warmachines and Aos is on the brink of having a nautical themed army :thinking:


If anyone wants any of this range, and is willing to be patient, send me a private message and I’ll sort you out.


thinking about this, if you look at the AoS approach to a new army release, it’s generally got to have multiple decimal places, if you see what i mean.

It can’t be “dwarfs”. It has to be “Flying blimp steampunk dwarfs”.

So, “evil dwarfs” probably won’t be enough for any potential Chaos Dwarf concept. If they liked “mesopotamian greenskin-slaving magic dwarfs” then they would have pushed the concept further.

“evil pirate ironclad navy dwarfs” sounds like an AoS army.


I probably disagree with this, and two big examples tell you why: the High Elves and Norsca. Also, the discontinued factions, Bretonnia and the Tomb Kings most notably.

TWW2 had all the high elf roster in it, and that didn’t impact the Lumineth Realm-Lords at all.

I predict Creative Assembly will deliver us both Chaos Dwarf aesthetics in one army. Neither range is so big that it has to dominate. They threw the kitchen sink at Norsca, and recently used zoats for god’s sake. Fantasy zoats are not slated for release in AoS. CA makes vintage miniatures in the games. So, CA have form with taking vintage miniatures and putting them in wholesale. That said, I doubt we’ll see the zoat-era original pre-Hashut Chaos Dwarfs. Or the tenderiser. Or the ass-cannon.

The Old World is definitely a commercial response to what’s happening with TWW and Vermintide. So, what you say could come back around with that, but that’s years away and they’ll start with the mainstream factions first.

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IF you’re the type to listen to rumours, on a little secret forum some of you may know about, on the thread about discontinuing LoA, we find this comment:

believe if you want, it’s more than nothing (but not by much)


Well let’s start by waiting for this Umbraneth release then :21:

Lets hope so! :smiley: Umbraneth? Id guess thats “shadow elves”?

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I mean they are missing. Malekith hasn’t shown his hand yet.
(and neither has Tyrion, I guess we’ll see another half of Lumineth as well eventually)
Shadow Elves would be a tenth Order faction as well, two of them Dwarfs, compared to only seven Chaos factions currently, and not a single Dwarven one. Let’s hope they reconcile that in our favour. :21:

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