Upcoming: An Interview with John Blanche and Tuomas Pirinen

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, over the last year I’ve become good friends with John Blanche. He lives about a mile away from me, and I (along with another friend) tend to visit him every few weeks to roll some dice and hang out. Back in April he mentioned that Tuomas Pirinen was planning on visiting and suggested a game of Mordheim for when he was over…

I got introduced to Tuomas, and the three of us started forming a plan of doing some interviews, to coincide with Tuomas’ trip and John’s retirement from GW.

Anyhow, Monday this week that plan came to fruition, and I recorded some interviews with them both!

It was really great to be with the pair of them, and be able to talk to them about a wide variety of topics. We obviously spent a large portion of time chatting about Mordheim, John’s art, and their working relationship, but covered a few other topics also.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be editing together the interviews, and I’ll no doubt create a youtube channel to upload them to. Once they’re ready I’ll be posting on various social platforms for anyone who is interested!


All around excellent, mate! To play Mordheim with the main guys behind it, what a surreal experience. Really happy you got to do that. Little jealous too :wink:

Obviously excited for anything you can create out of the footage, yes please keep us posted


This is so awesome. Really looking forward to your video!


Absolute gold! Can’t wait for the vid


I’m definitely on the lookout for this. Any idea of what you might call your channel?

Probably something really cringey…

Aha no idea, but whenever the vids are ready I’ll make an announcement on here :slight_smile:




I’ve now created a Youtube channel where I’ll be uploading the videos.

The first one isn’t quite ready yet but I’m hoping to upload it within the week. In the meantime I did just upload a small introduction video. Please do like/subscribe etc!

Loose release order is:

  1. John Blanche Art Video
  2. Tuomas Pirinen and John Blanche on Mordheim
  3. Tuomas Pirinen and John Blanche on randoms (Warhammer RPG, use of AI etc)
  4. John Blanche Art Video 2…

BRAVO! GRANDE TOM!! Also subscribed! cant wait to see what you guys recorded! it’s gonna be amazing!!


I gather some of you may have seen the video by now, but just in case here is the link: John Blanche Art Video

I’m also currently working on my next video, which was filmed with John and Tuomas back in July: The pair of them chatting Mordheim.

Off the back of this, some doors have opened up for me and I’ve been in put in touch with a whole bunch of ex-GW staff, and have a few filming dates agreed with people.

One is Rick Priestly - Filming with him on Thurs 21st, and we are doing a bit on the 4/5th edition Chaos Dwarfs book!


Subbed and enjoyed the first episode. While personally not the biggest fan of John’s grimdark style, alwys having been more fond of the bright styles of for example mr Gallagher (who also did our beloved CD army book), John was / is essential to the hobby as one of the greatest artists of the studio. Did love his Knight Panther piece though!


Did some filming with this chap yesterday…


dat reverend bizzare shirt tho… just lovely

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Doom what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.

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When doom is not enough
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No longer can this be called off topic!

Great work @Filmdeg


I visited the Perry twins yesterday, which was an absolutely excellent experience, and filmed some footage with them both. It was awesome to see Alan’s historical set up, and hear a few stories on various projects.

Ofcourse, visiting Alan I HAD to film some stuff on him sculpting the big hat range. It was really wicked to meet the maker aha.


Dude, so amazing what you’re turning around here! Real stoked for anything you cook up :wink:

Really enjoying these. Everything behind the scenes was so different to how I thought it was at the time, and they seem more relaxed about outing hidden truths than I thought they would be. So interesting.


If you get another chat with Rick Priestly or Jervis Johnson, please ask about how HeroQuest was developed - namely what was the difference between what rules they were given to work on and how different it was to what was published. Then it would be nice to hear about the development of Advanced HeroQuest and then Warhammer Quest.

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