Upcoming Down Under Flood Sell-Off

Please move to the best location if this is ill-chosen. I’m on a ski vacation and this has to be done on the fly. PMs will be answered later. Thank you.

Australian CDO trader @Enjoysrandom has suffered a natural disaster:

We had a massive flood in Lismore, it covered our house and ruined everything we own. But I have a silver lining, I managed to save some thing and one of those things was my entire chaos dwarf collection. I even saved the statue I purchased.

But I am needing to raise some money so I am thinking of selling it all. It’s at least 1 of every GW model and a few 3rd party models (not many I have a lot of them away) and 3 blood bowl teams, 2nd edition, 3rd edition and then a gespez arts team. An armorcast titan and two armorcast tanks. I have to catalogue everything and take some photos, also need to just give everything a good clean.

Keep an eye out in Marketplace if it sounds like you may find something for your collection. @Enjoysrandom is a good miniature painter and collecting aficionado.

I hope his Chaos Dwarfs will find good homes.


damn that sucks so much :\ italy suffers from those kind of climate disasters like eathquakes and floods.
@Enjoysrandom I’d be happy to check out your chaos dwarf 2nd edition team! everything for our users! :cd1980:


Very sorry to hear about the flood and the damage to your home, and that it means you may need to part with some of your collection. I will keep an eye on the marketplace.

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Update: He would preferably like to sell it all to one collector in order not to be left with portions nobody wanted, and regret selling the rest. So anyone wanting a whole CD collection for a most affordable price would do well to look.

Still, it may be possible to negotiate for parts. We’ll see.

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Oh man, at some point it’s enough with the negative events.

I hope that your friend will come out of this well.
Oh man, not a good time,

I’m thinking of all those who are in some way negatively affected at the moment and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be all right.