Uploading photos help

Hi all.
previously we had to have a picture hosting site. IE Photobucket and Imgur.
But now we can just upload straight to a post from the phone and I’ve done it from a hard-drive.
Do we even need a hosting site anymore.?

I’m probably going to re-do a lot of pics just to improve quality and do I really need to put them in Imgur first,?

Well, I can’t really help you there. I don’t have a mobile phone and take the pictures with my old digital camera, then I upload the pictures to Imgur. The advantage for me is that I can find the pictures again. Otherwise this would not be the case.

No need for a hosting site unless you want one for your own structure etc. You can add photos to the forum directly from your phone. :slight_smile:


This has definitely been one of my favourite features of the new discord site, so much easier to share these pictures