Uthers new legions of Hashut

OK, time to try new tech. I will see if I can upload an old image first. Then try place holders (it could go horribly wrong)

This photo is the basis of my chaos dwarf counts as Tamurkhan horde army. Just seeing if I can edit a post.



Steampunk Legion of Azgorh


‘Organic’ Legion of Azgorh


Chaos Dwarf Counts as Tamukhans Horde


Chaos Dwarf counts as Maggotkin of Nurgle

Well then I am curious about many beautiful pictures! Your creations are so wonderfully “crazy”, there is always a lot to discover!

Indeed, those place holders are very intriguing


Chaos Dwarf Counts as Beasts of Chaos

This army is my Heli-hat army. Heli-hat dwarfs counting as Tzaangors of various types with goblins/hobgoblins as ungors . Plans are afoot for counts as Doombull and counts as Giants as well. However me playing AoS means each army now comes with its own terrain. So I needed a counts as Herdstone.

Behold the Fane of the Father of Darkness


That’s fantastic!

Most people would have just carved/sculpted the face, which would have been great, but to add the additional lines in there to represent the blocks of stone that make up the statue really is what really sets it apart for me

Again, fantastic!

Oh I so wish I could claim credit. Sadly the base face is an aquarium ornament, £12 from pets are us and an Xmas present from a wise child who saw its potential. All I did was the base, tusks stairs and beard. Oh and change vines into lava pipes. But I am touched you even thought me talented enough to sculpt it.

Cool stuff! Can’t wait to see more pics!