Very Last Kaosnicks!

There is only one copy of Kaosnicks left, available on eBay:

Sold Out!

Once this is sold that will be it for the foreseeable future.



Such a cool model!

Kaosnick is the only Hobgoblin which is still in my possession - simply a great model!

I’ve just found a few more of these that I didn’t realise I had so I’ve updated the listing with the rest of them. Only 9 left now.

Easiest way to get one is through eBay or another way? I live in the USA.

Ebay would be best. There are more fees for me but there is also more protection for you as a buyer, and it’s a simpler process. The price for buyers is the same. If you want tracked postage then let me know first.

Got mine in the mail the other day, sculpt looks great in person too.


Only two left! Once these are gone there are no more left.

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Down to the very last copy now.