Voxcast dreamteam?

Latest Voxcast has 2 of my favourite people to listen too on it…

Jes Goodwin & Darren Latham for me are hobby royalty and I’ve found this has been great to have on in the background for some hobby time.
It’s also changed so many of my views of the new Ad Mech stuff hearing about how and why some of them have been designed, for instance the new cavalry I thought were ok, I find out now they’ve been based on greyhounds not horses and all of a sudden that bit about them that didn’t quite sit right with me now makes perfect sense :grin:

A good listen for me :ok_hand:t2:

If you guys could get someone from the hobby on as your dream podcast who would you pick?


Hmm, thats a hard one… Maybe some of the older guys, Fat Bloke och the Perrys? Cant really see that happen these days, but it would be cool discussing older times in the hobby. :slight_smile:
But that said, both Voxcast and Stormcast are usually really nice. Id always recommend them for someone with an interest in the hobby.

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Some of the faces from yesteryear. Love listening to rick priestly - always comes across as a super humble nice guy with a great attitude towards the hobby, gamers and gaming in general.

Andy chambers is another GW name from my youth who isn’t with the company any more. I’d love to hear a sit down and talk about 3rd ed 40k, gorkamorka, all those old bat reps and most importantly discuss his mullet and moustache combination from the early 90s white dwarf pics.


@tjub Fat Bloke would be great to hear from after all this time

@Oxymandias Andy Chambers I think could give some amazing insight into those games, I’d love to hear more about the creation of Gorkamorka in particular

Both of those guys were around, and subsequently left, when GW didn’t have the best reputation as a place to work or having much of a thought for their customer base either. There’s an argument to be made that a lot of that is still around however it is clear they have made huge steps forward in terms of giving people what they want and being more open about a lot. It would be interesting to hear about what these guys think of modern day GW at the same time

I’d love to hear more from artists, if you haven’t already I can’t recommend enough watching both of John Blanche’s appearances on the shows just to watch him draw out some characters :exploding_head: ones I had in mind are Adrian Smith

And also Matt Dixon who’s done of my favourite art ever, not just in the Warhammer world, including some of our best art to be officially produced…