Vurtne's CD Army Build

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been active on the CDO forums—back in the BFSP conversion days, to be exact. The nostalgia is real as I write this post, and I’m excited to share my new journey with you all.

After a long period of contemplation and countless debates over aesthetics, I finally took the plunge and made a sizeable purchase at Old School Miniatures.

The models have finally arrived today!!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s projects and get some inspiration along the way.



Cant wait to see this huge box of goodness.
Or, shall we say huge box of little evilness?

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Welcome back! I have and continue to paint these models. They are great. I look forward to blog updates. Not enough active helm blogs these days

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Started to assemble my first few fellas today, they go together really well and the flash comes off nice and easy!


Welcome back!

I’m looking forward to following your return to Hashut’s shadow.
@MichaelX should be able to work his magic to connect your old account and posts to the new one. :slight_smile:


That would be so good if he has the magic admin powers to do that!

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The first unit is assembled! I have been thinking about my basing options so they have stayed on 20mm slotta bases until I have that figured out, they will then be moved to 25mm soon enough. Will make ranking up a little more straight forward.

I love these models, I’ve been looking at others to add to the army but I would happy to have a literal mountain of these at home.


Will paint this hero as a carrot of sorts when my block of 21st all based and painted!

Good chance to try a little freehand on the banner, maybe another face? There are already 5 so what’s one more! The dwarf of many faces.


Started the basing process on the rear rank of my 1st infantry block. I want to prime these fellas but the weather here is pretty cold at the moment.

Great to see them ranked up like this 25mm is so nice!


Awesome idea I will steal it! :skull_and_crossbones:


Please do!

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Have been busy basing my block of infantry,

Now I need to wait for the sun god to shine down so I can get a undercoat on them!

I found my old resin bases that I purchased in 2010 for my snotling style chaos dwarfs a project that’s still in a box somewhere, still… they will come in handy whenever I need a tactical rock for a hero etc