Want to buy metal chaos dwarfs

Looking to buy some metal oop chaos dwarfs. Need to have zero paint and glue on them, and unbased.

Hi there!
it would be of great help if you could provide some extra informations

What models are you looking for? Big Hats or 3rd edition?
Are you looking for some specific unit?

Also, where are you based? we are from all over the world in this forum, and shipping costs + time for delivery is nice to have in mind :wink:


I only have some 3rd Ed to spare now. Being in Australia makes postage harsh. So yes where you are and what era you are after are very pertinent questions.

Sorry I’m looking for big hats basically axe men and full command, I’m based in the USA. And the models I want need to be new, no glue on base, and zero paint on them. If they were stripped I don’t want them.

Have you checked the sealed collectors groups on facebook? Sounds like that might be what you’re looking for.