Wanting to make a proper army for AoS, needing some help

Hey there folks! I want to make a proper army, small at first… for age of sigmar. I have a few friends that play, and I want to try my hand at the Chorfs. I have StD so I figure I could ally them for more numbers and such, but I need to know what ‘fits’ right.

There are so many printable army options I have seen on Etsy, some of them are amazing looking 'old’hammer ones by Fabelzel, and I find them so charming! Yet I dont know if they would look ‘right’ next to my chaos warriors, or the new hobgrots. There is another set I have seen by Lost kingdom… they look like they might ‘fit’ better, but I am not sure.

So, for those of you with more wisdom, and brains, than myself… how do they scale? What do you think of it all?

Thanks for reading and any help ya can share!!

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I’m not an AoS person, but you may find this thread useful for scaling of printed parts.

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Thank you! That is very helpful!

Do you run the Chaos dwarfs in any games at the moment?

For printable chaos dwarves that go with chaos warriors…id probably go for warploque range. Similar helmets

Do you have a link perhaps? I just googled that and got some weird results, but I would love to look at them!

Warhammer Armies Project is popular in the community, as well as various old editions of fantasy.

AoS, Kings of War, and the 9th Age rulesets also have a following here.

There are plenty of other systems people play here too. Warlords of Erehwon, Saga, Mordheim, etc. If you name it there’s probably someone here that plays.

Here’s a link to the Warploque minis range

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that is awesome, thank you much. I will check that out. Those minis looks cool, but they dont have the same feel of the good ol ‘big hats’ Lost kingdom or Fabelzel seem like they have the right ‘spirit’ if that makes sense to anyone else? lol

Absolutely, Warp has his own style overall, closer in spirit to helms era and Chaos warriors / marauders. He’s got some good comedy looks that I have supported him for, but I don’t use his Evil Dwarfs. I’ve got a collection of his miscellaneous fire and rock spirits, as well as his fish people. If bighat is what you want then probably not the aesthetic you’re looking for.

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Makes sense to me, they are all lovely sculpts! Alot of character to them, I just cant get past the big hats! Thought FW infernal guard looked pretty cool too

Titan Miniatures makes a nice range of Chaos Dwarfs, as does Admiralty Miniatures, and both of them have been long-time contributors to this site. I’ve purchased product from both of them over the years, and I love their work and how they paint up. Its fun going to my FLGS, and seeing the reactions I get when they get placed on the table. After that, original GW Big Hats can still be found online at various auctions sites, but expect to pay through the nose for them; we are talking about tracking down models that have been out of print for about thirty years.