WarCry Card Creator 2.0

Template for creating your own cards for WarCry.



Oh wow, this is amazing, has anyone made any good Chaos Dwarfs ones?

With decent stats I mean, haven’t played it enough to know what good Chaos Dwarf stats would look like

Im sure you could use Cities of Sigmar to make a warband of Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins. Or if you want pure Chaos Dwarfs base it on the Fyreslayers. Both of these have all the rules you need, and you could just make your own cards with pics, symbos, wording etc as a template. :slight_smile:

With some of the larger beats involved in WarCry, does anyone here who plays think Bull Centaurs have a place in the game?

Trolls can be used as Thralls, other bigger Monsters must be dominated(Hydra, Giant and such). Mournfang Cavalry is available to Ogres, and Id say they are about the same size? Though not sure there are any Big Cat included in the CoS-list.

But the way Allies work in WarCry, Im sure that you can find a suitable count as list for most models used by Chaos Dwarfs.