WarCry Catacombs terrain

Saw this pretty cool Catacombs terrain made into 3D in the FB WarCry group. Its still WIP so it can probably be alot cooler once done…


Another thing I’d like to make

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Yeah, I’d like to create something like this myself. I’ve been solo-gaming with my crew of Big Hats, using dungeon tiles I scored at a second-hand book shop. Creating my own War Cry board would be pretty cool.

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WIPs by Antonín Horáček. Love this board…


So good!


Awesome! WarCry is a fun little game. I wonder if anyone has made an all Chaos Duardin team yet.

WIPs by Antonín Horáček.


Fantastic job, I am still ploughing through the stuff you get in the box. There is a ton to do :astonished:


Its not mine, but I thought it looked fitting for CDO. :slight_smile:

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My question is…What is with the spikes in the pits sides at one end?
Are they expecting something to crawl out there?

How else are you supposed to know it’s an evil lair without some random spikes somewhere?



Yeah, but they are only in one spot,
Can’t the alleged inhabitant climb out just next to the spikes?

This is so cool, things like the blood left from someone dragged around didn’t stand out to much before as much as it does now

Love this kind of hobby, very cool

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A guy at my local FLGS suggested the best way to do our favourite Big Hats in WarCry would be to use the CD models we have, and use the rules for Fyreslayers to run them in the game. Sadly, I doubt G-Dubs or Forge World will ever make an actual WarCry warband for us, so this may be our best bet.

we have to hope in bloodbowl. Rules for CDs were released 1montha go for the new rulebook.
Let’s just hope

Also @tjubgreat great work man! It’s great how some walls can change entirely the result
I’m watching a lot of videos lately on YT for dioramas/scenery and stuff, and i’m into that always more and more (BUT it has been years since i played 1 game of ANYTHING XD yet i’m always building things)

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