Warcry: Red Harvest

I assume you’ve seen the terrain for this? :sweat_smile:


Yes! Massive DZ vibes

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Of all the reveals on Warhammer Day in was very proud of myself for not getting swept up in wanting to buy everything like I usually do.

This set of the only one that have me problems :grin: it’s such a nice set, all of the WarCry stuff has been super high quality, I never bought the original box and felt like I missed out ever since, haven’t liked any of the WarCry boxes since until this and of course the terrain would go great for an Armies on Parade board for my Chaos Dwarfs which way back when a couple of years ago was the idea behind painting my ForgeWorld Chaos Dwarfs.
This all on too of the fact my AoS 3.0 army is Chaos which I’ll be able to use all these in…man it’s hard not buy into this.

The only thing that will stop me is another price hike from them, really disappointed to see how much Underworld went up from £40 a box to £65, if this goes up too I’ll be out